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Massive open online course (MOOCs)

Assume the company currently offers to its 1000 staff the complete SkillSoft online learning library collections ( Desktop / Business and IT skills. A subscription to free Gartner courses, a PMP face-to-face training offering program, some Business Analysis courses, and soft skills courses facilitated by Dale Carnegie.

The company plans on complementing its online learning offering with a new e-learning provider such as as a possible option. Must provide a valid reasons why adding Lynda to its program make sense when we already have SkillSoft – Arguments are based on differentiating factors between the two e-learning providers while at the same time identifying the strengths and weaknesses of both.

The learning gap analysis should indicate what is missing from the current offerings to make the strategic online learning program better suited for this time and how the younger staff are learning using online learning.

Start with a sharp intro of the online learning effectiveness, its influence/impact/ROI and how new working force reacts or adapt to this learning modality today and in the future. What are the growing trends for learning in large companies as far as online learning is concerned, and especially for an IT focus company.

· – explore and discuss what the major universities are offering in the field of IT such as, Cloud Computing, Security, Application Development, Business Analysis, Analytics and Big Data. What are the best online vendor providers in these area for working professionals in the field of IT.

· Discuss the growing acceptance of Massive Open Online Courses ( MOOC) in the context of global companies with staff over 1,000 employees based around the world. Best examples are Coursera and Udemy and Udacity etc.. Discuss how and what companies are doing with Mooc when their learning budget are limited.

Identify and indicate learning programs/vendors we can leverage in support of ITS Talent Improvement

This boils down to – What do we have – What is out there – What can we add

What are other Potential Online Learning Opportunity Trends?

· To add new content, we needs to develop a community of practices on the voluntary basis. Provide a few lines how that can be done.

Useful Resources:

Inside the Coursera Contract: How an Upstart Company Might Profit From Free Courses
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Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :

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