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Marriage Research paper

Sociology; Family Therapy and Marriage Research Paper

Marriage is among the oldest social institutions in the world. It is as old as humanity. The traditional and historical societal expectations were on what the family was made of. In many traditional societies, marriage took place between people of the opposite sex and gender. If you have written any marriage research paper, you must have come across polygamy,polygyny, and polyandry.

Polygamy, in social sciences, is the act of being in a marital relationship with more than one husband or wife at the same time. Polygyny is the act of a male (man) to get into a marital affair with more than one female (woman). Polyandry, on the contrary, is the situation where a woman gets married to more than one man.  These practices were common among most African and Asian traditional societies.

In law, bigamy is the act of proceeding with a marriage when you are still legally married to another person. This is a modern-day practice. The consequences are nullification of the second marital union. In America and most Western countries, bigamy is a crime and punishable by law. To evade legal action, you have the obligation to tell your first spouse about pending union.

There are many types of marriages. There are traditional marriages and marital rites of passage like payment of dowry. In some communities, especially in Africa, people combine traditional and modern rites during marriage ceremonies and procedures. Some communities start with traditional rites like exchange of gifts before they consummate the church weddings and/or legal procedures.

Statistically, 40% of the American population believe that marriage is a collapsing institution. However, more than 59% of Americans believe they will once get married. Economic hardships and uncertainties are some of the reasons adults between 18 and 29 years give for not marrying.

Many marriages do not survive because couples enter the institutions for the wrong reasons. Some do because they got pregnant. Others bow to pressure from friends and family. Cohabitation, especially in towns and college hostels, is very common among the youths. Some do it as a way of sharing bills and responsibilities.

Other reasons why marriages fail is the failure of spouses to share critical information. 65% of married spouses do not share their salary and checking accounts’ details. Instead, they share their bills through contributions. Some spouses do not lose some personal freedoms that one should lose after marriage. You cannot live like a single person when married.

If you are a lover of sports, you should either install streaming cable in your house or take your spouse with you to the arenas. Overnight social gatherings and extravagant expenditure could hurt your marriage. Both spouses should find guidance people in successful marriages.

In the Western World, 50% of marriages end before ten years. Divorce and separation contribute to poverty levels and financial instability if couples had children. If one has to pay for child support or alimony, it is hard for future unions to succeed. Marriage is not for the fainthearted. It should not also be a trial and error affair.

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