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The goal of this assignment is to strengthen your knowledge of the overriding topic for the past two weeks: advertising planning. You will draw on your knowledge of Chapters 3 and 4 (but mostly the former).
Scenario: Your client (a brand of your choice) just hired your advertising agency to develop a strategic plan to guide its product’s (choose any one –– old or new) upcoming ad campaign.
Your Task: Write a creative brief that clearly lays out the action plan for the advertising campaign for your client. To write the creative brief, use the Internet and other resources (library resources) to conduct a basic:
a) Brand equity audit analysis
a. Cover as much as you can about the four areas we discussed in class
b. Consult the book (Ch. 3) or your class notes/slides for questions pertaining
to the specific areas you need to investigate. The book chapter provides more relevant questions, so it’s certainly a good idea to check the relevant section in the chapter at least once.
And, using your above findings, briefly describe: b) Strategic options/recommendations
Write your creative brief using the above findings and analysis. When you write the strategic recommendation and creative brief, please show your understanding of segmentation. In other words, when discussing audience try to indicate what segment of audience you want to target and why.
What you submit: The final paper should have two sections:
a) Background/Research: One page (may be longer) description of what you did and
found in the brand equity audit analysis, the strategic options/recommendation, and
other details to provide background or rationale for the creative brief.
b) The Creative Brief. If you need more information about the elements of the
creative brief, consult the book (Ch. 3) and/or your class notes or slides available on blackboard.

Start by researching the brand’s website, and then move on to other information sources. Feel free to use library resources as needed. I’m certainly aware of your limitations for this project. I only ask that you do a reasonable amount of investigation to inform your creative brief. You do not have to do interviews (primary research).
In short, you are not expected to provide a plan that you’d provide if you had all the resources. This assignment just seeks to give you a basic practice on what we discussed in class.

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