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Marketing and Survey Research

Your research proposal should be structured as follows:

1. In your own words, outline the management decision problem (MDP) statement/question, the marketing research problem (MRP) statement/question, and research objectives. Provide a brief rationale for your MDP and MRP (2 pages maximum).

2. Describe your proposed research design, utilising mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative), to address the MRP (3 pages maximum).

3. Provide a sample of your data collection instrument, such as a focus group moderator’s guide or a questionnaire. You do not need to prepare an entire questionnaire. Provide examples of the type of questions recommended to
address your research objectives (1 page maximum)

4. Describe your proposed sampling plans, data collection procedures, and data analysis techniques, for both your qualitative and quantitative stages (2 pages maximum).

5. Acknowledge the key limitations of your research design (1 page maximum).

This section of your report is not in any way related to the case study information.

Rather, it has been included to enable you to demonstrate to the reader your ability as a marketing researcher to undertake data analysis. From the SPSS data file
‘Semester 2 – 2015’, undertake and report the following data analyses (2 pages maximum):

– Independent-samples t-test to determine any significant statistical differences between international students and domestic students for Question 5 items: 1 to 20.

– Analysis of variance (ANOVA) to determine any significant statistical differences by YEAR STARTED DEGREE for Question 5 items: 1 to 20.

– Bivariate correlation coefficient matrix to identify any STRONG and significant associations between item 20 and items 1 to 19.

Please note Question 5 starts with: “Using these numbers as a guide, please circle one number for every one of the following statements….”. This question
then contains 20 statements.

You do not need to submit a printout of the SPSS data analysis output. Also, you do not need to discuss the reasons for using each technique and you do not need to
make any recommendation about the results. This is a fictitious file, based on the questionnaire distributed in class in the first lecture. This questionnaire was uploaded
to Blackboard as ‘Assessment 3 – Part B data set questionnaire.pdf’.


While this assessment is to be written in a business report style rather than a theoretical academic essay, you must acknowledge any sources of information used.
For example, references to academic papers may be used to support assertions about the merits of a particular survey method or data analysis procedure.

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