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Assignment information

Option 1 – Your own organisation case study.

You can elect to base these next two assignments on an organisation and product/service offering of your choice.


Option 2 – Class case study – The future of video content


The video and movie industry has changed radically over the last 5 years and now more than ever mobile video is where people are headed. Currently over 20% of all video viewing is happening on mobile devices with more than 77% of all tablet users watching video content (Trautman 2015) and digital video content becoming the way of the future.


Netflix is one such company that has reverse engineered Hollywood and has become a huge business success in this fickle and difficult market. Even the business model used by Netflix is unique and tailored to provide instant information and value to its customers (Madrigal 2014). Whilst there are other competitors to Netflix (Stan, Presto etc), it seems to have captured the hearts and minds of consumers with its business model and pricing strategy but the market is fierce and highly competitive (Morgan 2015).


It seems that young people are watching less TV but digital video consumption is growing, in spite of this Nielsen still shows that TV consumption is by far the dominant consumption source for video content (Nielsen 2015).


There is considerable information available from Nielsen and other trend companies about changes in viewing patterns and changes in customer preferences that you can use to understand this market and what is happening – some references have been provided to get you started here.


For this case study, you have been approached by a young entrepreneur friend of yours who believes there is a market opportunity to start up in a new venture in this live streaming video market possibly in opposition to Netflix and the like or maybe exploiting other niches. He has found out you are studying your MBA and wants you to help him validate his gut feeling and put together a marketing plan that he could then take to potential investors to support him in this venture.


You are to assume that ultimately sourcing appropriate funding and investment will not be an issue, but it is important to firstly identify if there is a market opportunity than can be exploited. You may determine that taking on these large video streaming giants head on is not smart and thus you may identify alternative and niche opportunities that your friend could exploit in this sector. You need to be creative and clever in your analysis and thinking around market opportunities and don’t forget that video streaming is not just about watching movies. This approach is more and more being used instead of mainstream marketing advertising and maybe there are opportunities for your friend in this part of the market??


Assessment       12


Your task is to complete these two assignments and in doing so identify whether there is a market opportunity that your friend can exploit with something new and different in

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