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Make an Essay longer

Workable Tricks to Make an Essay Longer

When writing college papers, your lecturer gives the minimum number of words and the format. Following instructions is not optional. There are several ways to make an essay longer. You have to set the goals for your essay.


How to Make an essay Longer

A student worrying about the Length of her essay


A good essays has the following characteristics;

  • impeccable grammar and referencing mechanics
  • the right number of words
  • does not have fluff and filler
  • correct facts
  • accurate data
  • is a product of extensive research

To make an essay longer, the right way, you have to do it correctly. It is common to fall short of the number of words that your lecture expects. When you feel like you have written the last word, and probably you are halfway, you will have to meet the number of words and the deadline anyway!


Before Writing

Before you write the first word, you should do the following;

  • Do extensive Research

Your teacher gives you research essays to test your research and writing skills. The essay is simply the result of your understanding about the subject matter. If you are using your school’s library, you should find many books that address the topic. If the essay topic is about malaria control, you can use the catalog for malaria control. You will get books, articles, directories, press releases and any other material that touch on the subject.

The more you research, the easier writing becomes.


  • Create an Outline

An outline of the essay helps you in researching. It also helps in knowing what to know what you will write in each section. An outline helps you to maintain relevancy of the topic. You will only focus on what you have planned.

The best outline divides the essay into section. Each section is assigned a topic of discussion, the number of paragraphs and number of words.


  •  Broaden the Topic

When drafting the outline, do not limit yourself. A broader topic attracts more writing materials thus more words. Does that explain why writing a book is possible? broader topics emanate from extensive research. The more recent the your sources are, the more valid the information is deemed. It is common today for lecturers to limit the number of years after publication your references should be.

The best way to broaden the topic is by research on a large population, discussing the issue from different perspectives, and researching the issue over a long period. Additionally, you can compare the what different scholars have discussed about the topic. Evaluate all the perspectives. You can analyze how different ages view the same issue. Opinions change with a person’s age.



  • Do not procrastinate

If you plan and you do not write, the essay will still stand at zero words. Get down and compose your first draft as soon as you finish researching. This will ensure that no ideas are lost in the process. If you do not pen your ideas early enough, you might be forced to repeat the research process.


Common Mistakes People do to Make an Essay Longer
  • Increasing margins
  • Increasing the font
  • Adding spaces between the words
  • Adding spaces between paragraphs
  • Writing unnecessary words fluff and filler

If you will submit your paper electronically, many lecturers have set their computers to put the essays in specific formats. If his font is 12, you will be caught even before the teacher reads it.

Adding fluff and filler lowers the quality of your essay. I have seen papers with sections marked as “irrelevant”, “out of topic” and other negative terms.

Fluff entails mentioning obvious things. It is obvious that Karl Marx was a male. That will not add value to your essay. If you are writing politics essays and you want to talk about Obama, don’t write President Obama. Just say Obama.

The Purple Prose is the common type of filler. Writers use many adjectives and adverbs. For instance, “It is in the unrivaled University of Minnesota that I got my first degree”. Just say, “I graduated from the University of Minnesota”.

If you use any of the above tactics, you will be easily caught. Your teacher reads thousands of essay every year. They know what high quality essay is. They might feel insulted. The penalty for provoking negative emotions of your lecturer is poor grades. Don’t try that!


After Writing

How to Make an Essay Longer; The Correct Way after Writing

A good essay should aim at informing your readers and not insulting their sanity and trust. If they trust that you will explain something they do not know, do exactly that. There are good ways of writing longer killer essays. They Include;


  • Seeking a Second Opinion

Occasionally, writers are carried away by their own thoughts. They forget that the style of writing they like might not impress their readers. To avoid this, ask your friends to proofread your essays. If they find some vague terms, they will point them out. This will allow you to add more information to enhance clarity.

If all your friends are busy, you can hire our essay editing service to amend all the errors in your essay.


  • Cite more Sources

Adding more citations and sources allows you to conceive the most relevant ideas. Information gathered from two sources cannot equal that from ten sources. When you properly cite your sources, readers in discover the value of your research. They also trust you.


  • Add your Viewpoints

If you are writing an argumentative essay, you can have more than one viewpoint in every argument. If you are supporting your thesis statement, you can evaluate what the opponents have said. Provide equal counter-arguments and their premises. In academics, every point is valuable so long as it is derived from informed reasoning.


  • Be Creative

You can come up with angles that laymen assume. If you are assessing impacts of deviance in the society, you can normalize the abnormal. Deviant people create job opportunities for law enforcement opportunities. You can quote statistics of crimes against the number of law enforcement agents in a certain area. In reality, the higher the crime rate lead to creation of more correctional institutions. These facilities are also a source of income for the owners.


  • Support your Ideas

When you make a point, give illustrations and examples from your experience. You can also quote the trends in the society. Such ideas should add value to the essay. Do not add useless observation that are irrelevant to your topic. Good examples show that you understand the topic.


  • Relax and take a Walk

Always write your essay early enough. After you are done, take a short break from research essay writing. More ideas and insights will be born when relaxing. Writing under pressure and tensions makes you skip some valuable ideas. Resting makes rejuvenates your brain. You can read your text through as you rethink more information to add to your text.

You can read more tips on writing longer essays here.

Make an essay longer the correct way and you will get the high grades! Short cuts have a price.

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