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Long lasting effects of a 10 Second Earthquake

Long lasting effects of a 10 Second Earthquake

  • Topic: Northridge Earthquake:

In my paper I will be discussing about the natural disaster that occurred in Northern America, the Northridge earthquake. This unexpected disaster occurred in the morning of January 17, 1994 where the citizens where rudely awaken by the shaking of their floors. The Northridge earthquake was the cause of the destruction of the city, however, it was also actively involved in building a stronger reconstruction and a safer community. At the moment of the earthquake, it was considered a true disaster and people from different class groups were affected in different ways and extends, but as for today that disaster is considered an advantage were buildings, bridges, streets and safety regulations are strongly enforced. I will be discussing the causes of the earthquake using different author’s perspectives and relating them to the authors we discussed about in class. Also response that occurred in reaction to this disaster from citizens with different powers levels in that city.

  • Questions to be asked:
  1. What would be the reaction to this type of disaster in another area in California?
  2. Was the response to the earthquake handled in relation to the people’s demand or government’s demand?
  3. What class of citizens where more effected in this natural disaster and why?
  4. What is the real cause behind this disaster and what do humans claim it to be?
  5. Are the causes and responses stated for this earthquake parallel to what Mike Davis stated when talking about this disaster?
  6. How would Hewitt describe this natural disaster?
  7. How does the 1994 earthquake affect us today scientifically and socially? Explain using the perspectives of some of the authors discussed in class.

These are some questions I would like to answer in my paper using all the sources listed bellow, in addition to the reading assigned in class, excluding any personal bias opinions.



  • Sources:
  1. The Northridge Earthquake: vulnerability and disaster, by Bolin, Robert C, published in 1998.
  2. The Directory of Northridge earthquake research, by Richmond, CA: California Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering, in 1995.
  3. Seismic design of steel structures, by Gioncu, Victor, published in 2014 (CRC Press/ Taylor and Francis Group).
  4. Coast of dreams: California on the edge, 1990-2003, by Starr, Kevin, published in 2004.
  5. The Historical and geographical influences on psychopathology, edited by Patricia Cohen, Cheryl Slomkowski, Leen N. Robins, published in 1999.
  6. Furious Earth: the science and nature of earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis, by Prager, Ellen J, published in 2000.
  7. Illusions of Safety: culture and earthquake hazard response in California and Japan, by Palm, Risa, published in 1998. (Difference between the response to earthquakes in California and the ones in Japan)
  8. Killer quake! A Nova production by KCET-TV, written and produced by Robert Dean, published in 1994. (Videorecording)
  9. (Daily News)
  10. Magnitude 8: earthquakes and life along the San Andreas Fault, by Fradkin, Phillip L, published in 1998.
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