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Literature Reviews

How do I Write my Literature review?

What are literature reviews? A literature review is not an annotated bibliography. It is not a mere a summary of the resources given. A good review entails showing your tutor that you have fully understood the topic assigned to you. In short, you show your understanding of published literature. In line with the above, you might feel incapable of doing your literature review and ask, “Who can help me to write my literature review for my dissertation?”.

Please watch the above step by step tutorial on writing a winning literature review.

It is a guide towards furthering your thesis or research paper!

A good literature review should,

  • Compare and contrast views of different authors on a specific issue
  • cluster together authors with the conclusions
  • criticize the methodology used
  • Highlight the existing gaps in research
  • Show how your study relates to existing studies
  • show how your study relates generally to the existing studies
  • make a summary of the existing literature.

After understanding the expectations of your tutor, you should now ask yourself, “what is the purpose of the review?”. It should aim at…

  • defining and limiting the problem you are working on
  • placing the study in a historical perspective. Simply said, documentation
  • avoiding duplication; duplication should only happen if it is seriously necessary
  • evaluation of effective research methods
  • relating your study to previous ones and proposing further research

A good review is, therefore, a critical analysis of what has been published, identifies areas of controversies, raises  more questions and more importantly, identifies sections or  that require more research.


The structure of the Review

The structure of your work is highly dependent on your thesis or research area. Here you cluster together and compare and contrast the varying opinions as proposed by different authors. You simply cannot make a simple position taken by one author without evaluating what others did. Here you tear apart all controversies surrounding a question! Use different and well labelled sections to discuss what different literature have argued. Here linking literature is inevitable.

When grouping literature from different authors but it is in agreement, use linking phrases like similarly, in addition, also, again,…

If there is disagreements in viewpoints, please use phrases like however, on the on other hand, on the contrary, conversely, nevertheless, nonetheless…

At the end of the review, you should summarize the implications of the available literature. Ensure you link your summary to the main question or the hypothesis.


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Here is a sample question

Review the Preview of Your Final Project¬Ě criteria sheet to help you focus your work this week. Before engaging in your research, make sure you have decided on the organization you would like to research in this class so you can apply the work you do this week to your final project.

*Note: As you gather your sources, make sure the ones you choose are no more than five (5) years old. This is part of the requirements for your Final Project.

Six-Article Annotated Bibliography

Find and summarize the Grow, Hamm, & Lee’s The Debate over Doing Good(in EBSCO).

find at least five additional, reputable articles to review as background information on community partnerships and community organizations.

Review each of the six articles you found and summarize them based on the following criteria:

The name of the author and article,

The purpose of the article,

How it relates to community service,

The populations impacted, and,

The conclusions of the article.

Your review should include all six articles. You should provide a 100-150 word paragraph for each source addressing the each of the four key ideas in your summary. Each article should also include a reference citation in APA format.

In the article, Helping, Fixing, or Serving¬Ě (1999), Remen asserts that people see the world in three

different ways broken, weak or whole.

These viewpoints results in how a person connect to their world. Remen views serving as a way to moves beyond the expertise and incorporates both their serves strengthens as well as the strengths of others.

Many times people seek to help or fix rather than service. Remen uses examples of an emergency physician sees delivering a baby as a service rather than fixing the problem. She shares how a nurse moved past professional protocols to serve her by removing her ileostomy. In these examples, she explains how experiences shorten the distance between the humans. Remen shows how serving rather than fixing or helping benefits all parties and impacts humanity.

This week, through our readings and discussion, we have looked at the idea of community, and the opportunities and responsibilities we have toward others within our communities. Additionally, we have begun to explore the following course outcomes:

1.  read and extract information and ideas from a variety of texts – Critical Thinking

2.  ask valid and logical questions that promote a deeper understanding of the issues being examined; – Critical Thinking

3.  express a well-informed, personal viewpoint and show an understanding of his or her own biases;- Critical thinking & Communication

4.  consider the viewpoints of others, especially those ideas that challenge his or her own;  – Critical thinking & Respect for Diversity

5.  articulate how learning extends beyond the classroom.- Communication & Lifelong Learning & Social, Ethical & Professional Responsibility

In your journal, reflect back on what you have learned so far through the course readings, assignments, and discussions (you are encouraged to reflect back on previous weeks as well). Answer each of the following questions to guide your reflection:

6.  What, if anything, did you find surprising, particularly challenging, or interesting? (10pts)

7.  From what you know about this course so far, what connections can you make to previous learning experiences, and how do you think this course will help you as you move forward in your college and professional life?

8.  How do the course outcomes (listed above) for this week apply to your experience so far?

9.  What specific ideas did you learn from the Starbucks book this week that you could use in your every life or future career?

10.What questions do you still need answered.

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