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Language Therapy


School-Age Literacy Project 25 points

One of the critical roles of SLPs is to highlight the relationship between language and literacy. Current research supports the inter-relationships across language processes of listening, speaking, reading and writing. SLPs contribute significantly to the literacy achievement of students with communication disorders, as well as other learners who are at risk or those who struggle in school settings. The purpose of this project is to provide students with an opportunity to develop skills that will aid them when proving literacy-based language literacy therapy in small groups and/or using a classroom-based model. Activities should align to the Common Core State Standards K-5 and the documents guiding SLPs in their roles and responsibilities for working with children in the areas of reading and writing (see links below).


Sam is 10 years old. Results from his reading inventory estimate his independent reading level as kindergarten and his frustration reading level occurs with the first grade passage. Sam can comprehend passages read to him through second grade level.


During Sam’s oral reading of the passages he could sound out initial and final graphemes of words. He sometimes used syntactic and semantic cues to figure out unknown words evidenced by a few self-corrections. Sam exhibited a strong sound-it-out approach, although there appeared to be an over dependence on such word analysis. He made numerous substitutions for words, which did not make sense in the context of the passage. However, after further reading, Sam comprehended the gist of the passage and began to use the correct word. Additionally, Sam’s oral reading was not fluent; there was noticeable word-by-word reading across the passages read. His sight vocabulary score was below the second grade level.


Please follow these steps as you complete your project.


Step 1:            This is an independent project.


Step 2:            Review the CCSS and the ASHA links below. From the above case summary, you will recommend instructional strategies and activities that would enhance Sam’s literacy development. You are working with Sam and you have identified three areas to work on with him (based on the case study). What areas does Sam need help in that would benefit his reading, word recognition, and comprehension.


Step 3:            Create threelanguage-literacyactivities (appropriate for Sam’s grade and ability level) focused on three different standards: Reading Informational Text, Reading Foundational Skills, Language Standards or Writing Standards in the CCSS. You will identify the grade and standard (use the standard name, grade and number). You will provide a detailed description of each activity including materials and visual aids and create whatever you need for your activity.You will provide a rationale for an SLP to use these activities in treatment.


Step 4:            The written portion and the materials for each activity will be turned in together. The project is due Tuesday December 13, 2015 by 4pm in a box outside of my office.




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