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Irish Republican Army

Irish Republican Army

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Per the text, by 1962, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) had all but ceased operating. In 1969, a Catholic civil rights movement had engulfed Northern Ireland when Catholics demanded the same rights as Protestants. The Northern Ireland government reacted to the movement with aggressive and repressive actions. When the situation escalated with violence, the British Army was sent in.

  1. Choose a specific action taken by the British Army during this time period that you believe contributed to the resurgence of the IRA. Provide a rationale for your response.
  2. Hypothesize what might have happened differently had the British Army not taken this action.
  3. Per the text, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, several breakaway states emerged in the region. Explain the potential threats that these breakaway states poses to the U.S. Analyze these potential threats, and suggest the key measures that the U.S. can take in order to mitigate the threats in question.
  4. Analyze the strategic mistakes that the terrorists made when attacking the Moscow Theater in 2002. Assess the level of influence that the terrorists’ mistakes from the Moscow attack exerted on the terrorists who perpetrated the attack on the Beslan school in 2004. Use examples from each attack to support your response.
  5. Security Breach. Select any one of the following for your original post:

One key element of security assessment and policy is preparing plans for fire evacuation, bomb threats, sheltering-in-place, and working with operations related to continuity of operations.   Lay out what one needs to consider for any one of the above.  I hope that the class will spread this out so all are discussed.  If someone else already started a thread on your choice add to that discussion, don’t create a new thread.   Don’t copy a plan from the Internet, I want see your analysis of what you would create, and why.

  1. Discuss a major security breech, lay it out, draw lessons, and offer suggestion on what should/could have been done.
  2. Describe one issue not mentioned in the textbook when using contracted security at an organization. Then, describe one issue not mentioned in the textbook when using proprietary security at an organization. Draw a conclusion.
  3. Discuss what one needs to do to prepare a risk assessment, what are the key elements, and how do you go about thinking about prioritizing the mitigation?
  4. Describe the preventive measures needed to secure your selected threat from occurring and the monetary cost associated with those measures.
  5. Any current event related to security assessment or policy.
  6. Any topic from the text that you wish to expand or expound on.


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