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Interpersonal Communication Exploration/Oral Interview Project

Interpersonal Communication Exploration/Oral Interview Project

Interpersonal Communication 1090 students will use this research and oral presentation project to further understand and relate to the concepts and methodologies taught in an effort to improve communication between family unit member(s). Students will conduct a series of interviews to understand several key communication practices to help determine the manner in which individuals use and assess their interpersonal communication styles in their efforts to foster healthy relationships. This “self-disclosure” interview helps participants examine and discern healthy from unhealthy communication practices that may advance or hamper communication between family unit members.


1. Choose one person in each of the three following categories: (This family member should be someone you communicate with often and is a part of the inner-family circle). You may need to make a list of “possible” interviewees. Consider the time you have and the time they can spare for an interview that may take an hour or more. Also, consider the time frame of when the assignment is due. NO LATES!
A. A parent, grandparent or guardian
B. A sibling or close childhood family friend
C. A close aunt, uncle or cousin

2. Choose threedifferent topics/concepts PER PERSON from the list below or choose any concepts from chapters 1 – 4 that interests you BEFORE the interview. Come up with the questions you would like to ask BEFORE you sit down with your interviewee. Make sure you keep control of the interview so you can cover all the concepts within you allotted time frame. TAKE NOTES during the interview or with permission tape the conversation so that you can refer back to them during the writing process even to the point of using direct quotes. PLEASE NOTE: You must make direct reference to text information as you discuss the concepts. ADDITIONALLY: Find a scholarly reference on Family Communication, Family Dynamics, Family Conflict, etc. to use as an additional reference and make sure you use it in the paper to help validate your findings.

Again, topics can be anything we have covered in the first four chapters. Suggested topics include:

Self-disclosure – Depth and Breadth
Debilitative Emotions
Face Saving
Facilitative Emotions
Gender Roles
Identity Management
Influences on Perception
Managing Emotions
Nonverbal Communication
Private Selves
Public Selves
Qualitative Communication
Quantitative Communication
Self-fulfilling Prophecies
Social Comparison
The Process of Communication
The Reasons We Communicate

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