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International Students’ Problems

What are Some of the International Students’ Problems?

Students who choose to travel to foreign countries to study face common international students’ problems. It is inevitable to face such problems due to the changes they experience. The changes can be challenging to the student. Some common international students’ problems include;

  1. New friends

As an international student, it may be challenging for you to approach students from other countries to form friendships in the initial week after joining college. Unfortunately, this is among the most common international students’ problems because college students value interactions.

If you do not have friends, then who will lend you their book if you want to confirm your notes? If you need help, who will help you? You need friends. The only difference between your friends back in your country and the new course mates is their nationality or other small differences.

You will be surprised that it might be easier to make friends in a foreign country than in your country. Just like you make new friends in your country, take the step and approach new people. Very soon, you will have more than enough friends.

  1. New food

Every nation has their staple food. You are accustomed to eating a particular type of food. Sad thing is; it is not possible to access your staple food from some countries. For example, if you are used to eating food cooked using firewood, it might not be possible to get such in first world nations.

Apart from first world nations, other countries are used to eating less junk food compared to whole meals. Most of the food in the first world nations are also processed which is not common in other nations.

In countries like America, the portions of food served are quite a lot. Some countries consider some food tabooed or sacred and therefore it is treated with specialty. As an international student, you need to get used to the changes.

Food is considered part of your culture which also leads to international students’ problems.

  1. New professors

Professors from the first world countries have a higher degree of interaction with their students than in other countries. You might find this awkward especially if you are not familiar with such interactions.

Professors are not allowed to be hands off in colleges. Coming from a place where professors just give assignments and dictate notes, this might take time to adapt to.

  1. New subjects

When you enroll to study a particular course, you must be ready to do some additional courses which are sometimes not related to your course of choice. Some of these courses help you to understand the course better. Others help you to catch up with other students depending on their background knowledge on their courses.

As you enroll in a course, remember you have a different background with the other students. It might take you time to understand why you need the courses. Bottom line is; they are important to you. Take them seriously.

  1. New assignment

Some aspects of assignments are not the same in all countries. Teachers use different books, techniques and the exams taken take place at different times depending on course and country. In some countries, they do not have modern libraries and so research is tricky for them.

Another difference is writing research papers. You might not be used to writing them often times but then when you move to a new school, research papers might be a termly requirement.

Learn how to do assignments in the new acceptable way so that it does not affect your grade.

  1. New language

Language is the medium of communication. When you choose to study in a country that uses a different national language from yours, expect there to be language barrier. Language barriers hinder your interactions with other students.

Since you cannot communicate with the other people, you find it difficult to find your way around the college or locality. Most colleges employ teachers from their nation, for that matter, they are also acquainted with the national language. If they decide to lecture in it, then you will be at a loss since you will not be able to understand.

In some case, you may speak the same language with the nation but your accent might hinder communication. To overcome this problem, learn the foreign language before joining the college or get a translator to assist you. The best would be to learn the language.


  1. Cultural changes.

Culture is the way of doing things. One thing might be allowed in one community but in another, it might be tabooed. Culture is not universal. Every nation has its own culture.

Seafood is a common type of food for the Asians but in America, Britain and Canada it is not. Women are not allowed to dress and behave in particular ways in some nations. As an international student, know the cultural practices in the nation you want to study in. Prepare yourself for the changes.

  1. Climatic changes

Once you join college, be ready to experience summer or winter. And if it’s your first time to encounter such seasonal changes, you may need to take appropriate measure. Change in your dressing is the surest way to adapt to the climatic changes.

International students’ problems related to climatic changes can lead to diseases so take precautions.

  1. Homesickness

No matter where you are, home is best. That is where most of your friends, family and loved ones are. It is normal to miss them. Unfortunately transport costs from one nation to another are high.

To make up for it, keep in touch via the available methods of communication. Consider the time differences even as you communicate. You can also decide to make new friends in your country of study.

You can never replace your friends or family members back home but you can find new friends to keep you busy. When you chat, go out and carry out activities with them, it reduces the time that you would have spent thinking about them.

International students’ problems range in severity. This is dependent on how open minded you are and the amount of preparation before joining the college. Change is part of your life. Learn to adapt to it as soon as possible.

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