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Influencing Effective Change in the Organization

Part 1: Influencing Effective Change in the Organization (4 pages, APA format, no plagiarism)

Consider the importance of creating a diverse organization and creating a culture in which employees are motivated and productive.

  • Define the importance of leading the effective change within an organization.
  • Share two benefits of creating and accepting diversity within the organization.
  • Define the concept of organizational culture and its impact in the workplace.

Part 2: Scenario (5 pages, APA format, no plagiarism) 

For this part, you will write about how to influence change within an organization based on the scenario below.

Imagine you are a sales manager for a large retail store. The economic downturn has resulted in the loss of seven out of 15 staff members who used to be on your team. Sales have decreased in the past year and the store is suffering significant financial loss. Your regional leader has asked that you develop a plan to increase sales by 20% in the next year. You turn to your employees for their assistance.

Describe how you would tackle this request considering the following:

  1. As a leader, how would you deliver this information to your existing staff? For example, how would you introduce this project to your staff? What leadership skills would you use to implement this change successfully?
  2. How might diversity serve as an advantage to reaching this goal? What kinds of strategies would you employ to ensure each person is part of the project and is working from their strengths? How might a diverse staff and/or clientele be a benefit to the overarching goal?
  3. What tools would you implement to create a departmental/organizational culture that is productive and innovative?  Describe at least three strategies that would accomplish this. How might best practices such as motivation contribute to organizational culture?
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