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Impact and Communication Plan

Milestone Three addresses the Phase II requirements of your strategic plan, which are the impact on the organization and the communication plan (critical elements 5 and 6).


Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:


Phase II – Impact and Communication Plan

  1. Impact on Organization
    1. Identify the human capital management and workforce resources needed to complete your project.
    2. Identify the financial resources that will be needed. Include an operating budget and financial statements.
    3. Identify the operational elements required including technology and infrastructure requirements, operational resources, and systems.
    4. Explain how you will address patient and employee safety concerns regarding this project.
    5. Identify any governance structure, organizational development and dynamics, and sustainability system gaps.
    6. Describe the level of community health support services that will be required.


  1. Communication Plan
    1. Identify key stakeholders to engage with on this project.
    2. How will you engage all stakeholders and keep them informed about the project?
    3. What marketing, promotion, and community support is needed?
    4. How will you market and promote the project?
    5. How will you engage the community about the project?
    6. How are legal, regulatory, and patient care quality improvement systems being implemented?







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