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Writers’ Block

How to Overcome Writers’ Block

Writers’ block is a common occurrence to many experienced writers. It is a mental state where the ability to create ideas and put them down in writing gets crushed, leaving the author exhausted and barely able to create content. It is not a medical condition, but it can bring down students if not kept in check. There are a few ways of overcoming writers’ block, as outlined below:


The writer or student should not start writing unless they are entirely prepared. Writing is as demanding as any other academic exercise, and if one is not well prepared for it, it will result in writers’ block. A writer who is well prepared for the job will never lack ideas. Preparation is key to writers who want to overcome writers’ block.

Ways of getting prepared for writing will include reading ahead, gathering writing materials among many other tactics.

Noting Down the Points

A writer who is keen on evading writers’ block always keeps the main points of the content close at hand. It involves writing down short notes on the foundation points of the content. Once this is done, the writer is thus assured of a ready point of reference, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of ideas throughout the writing process.

The writing down of notes is imperative since they are the beacons that guide the writer along the process of composition. The author is less likely to experience writers’ block when they have these guides than when writing without them.

Keeping other Interesting Writing Topics

There comes a time when the writer/student feels that all the ideas they had on a particular subject are spent. It is important to have other interesting topics in mind, since thinking about them could help bring ideas to the current topic. Writers thrive on creativity, and ideas from different topics could be twisted and fitted to flow with the issue at hand. It is a fun and efficient way of using one’s language skills to beat writer’s block.

Avoid pauses during the writing process

Due to the constant flow of ideas through their minds, writers are susceptible to memory lapses. Taking breaks between writing sections and or paragraphs could easily lead to complete loss of ideas. It is advisable that once the writing process has been initiated, the writer should continue the process to completion, without taking unnecessary breaks. It is a highly efficient way of coping with writers’ block.

Read Extensively

A genuinely passionate writer takes the time to read. Reading is a proven way of getting new ideas, and writers who read wide are more equipped to maintain a steady flow of ideas than those who do not. It is through the ability to maintain a constant flow of ideas that writers can tackle writers’ block. Reading is a sure way of getting familiar with story line flows and idea assimilation, all crucial skills in a writer’s life.

Being a writer is one of the best occupations today. However, maintaining the gusto is as important as landing the assignment. This can only be avoided by reducing chances of suffering from writers’ block. To avoid the disappointments brought along by writers’ block, it is advisable to try the tips above.

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