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How to Eliminate Experimental Bias

Review 1
A researcher strongly believes that physicians tend to show female nurses less attention and respect than they show male nurses. She sets up an experimental study involving observations of health clinics in different conditions. In explaining the study to the physicians and nurses who will participate, what steps should the researcher take to eliminate experimental bias based on both experimenter expectations and participant expectations?

Review 3
Much research is being conducted on repairing faulty sensory organs through devices such as personal guidance systems and eyeglasses, among others. Do you think that researcher should attempt to improve normal sensory capabilities beyond their “natural” range make human visual or audio capabilities more sensitive than normal)? What problems might this cause?

Review 4
Suppose that a new “miracle pill” will allow a person to function with only one hour of sleep per night. However, because a night’s sleep is so short, a person who takes the pill will never dream again. Knowing what you do about the functions of sleep and dreaming, what would be some of the advantages and drawbacks of such a pill from a personal standpoint? Would you take such a pill?

Review 5
The relational style of learning sometimes conflicts with the traditional school environment. Could a school be created that takes advantage of the characteristics of the relational style? How? Are there types of learning for which the analytical style is clearly superior?

Review 6
What study strategies can you think of that would make effective use of the levels-of-processing approach to memory?

Review 7
What approaches to motivation are more commonly used in the workplace? How might each approach be used to design employment policies that can sustain or increase motivation?

Review 8
When researchers find similarities in development between very different cultures, what implications might such findings have for the nature-nurture issue?

Review 9
Should personality tests be used for personnel decisions? Should they be used for other social purposes, such as identifying individuals at risk for certain types of personality disorders?

Review 10
What cultural factors might contribute to the rate of anxiety disorders found in a culture? How might the experience of anxiety differ among people of different culture?

Review 11
How can people be successfully treated in group therapy when individuals with the “same” problems are so different? What advantages might group therapy offer over individual therapy?

Review 12
Do you think it matters that some people have implicit biases against certain groups if those people never express their biases explicitly?

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