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Homesickness in College

How to Help College Students With Homesickness

Homesickness in college students statistics suggest that 70% of students get homesick in the first month of their studies.Another study conducted by Joseph Serwach claims that homesick in college affects the overall performance during the time the student is suffering. This does not matter the stage at which the student is in.

You may begin to ask yourself why you had to school far from home. You are required to adapt to your new environment and friends within the shortest time possible. It is not good to feel bad that you are suffering from the situation. Even career professionals like Jesus Navas have been victims. He was a case study of homesickness symptoms in adults. You are not an isolated case!

Taking a long time to adapt to the new college environment may hinder your goals of excelling academically. Some students experience homesickness in college from their first to their final year. Homesickness can lead to stress and other related health issues that affect college students.

The earlier you learn to handle your homesick the better for your health and academic excellence. You need some special tricks to assist you. If you are a teacher, you always get wondering how to help homesick college kids.

There are many ways to deal with homesickness and no single one has ever proven to work independently. Many of them work in short-term. It is therefore advisable interchange them as you make observations and changes in behavior and feelings.

Here are some of the tips on how to get rid of homesickness in college.


Always Keep in Contact With Friends and Family Members

It’s good to know that you can remain in conduct with your family and friends even when you are far from home. Being out of sight does not mean that you are out of mind. You can make regular phone conversations, and write letters through e-mail or mail to your close family members and friends.

You should do whatever you can as long as it makes you feel better in your situation. Keeping in touch with your close allies reduces homesickness in college tremendously. You feel comfortable by simply hearing their voice and explaining to them how you are faring on at college.

The advantage of modern technology is that it offers several affordable means of communication. Use whichever means you are comfortable with to make sure that you remain in touch with your close associates.


Plan a day out

College students normally have a very busy schedule of doing their studies, having recreational activities and sometimes fixing in a job. However, you need to schedule in some time for having a day out with your friends and family members. Some of these close allies can also pay you a visit at college.

This is one of the best approaches in reducing homesickness in college. You simply go out and have fun the whole day. You should avoid talking anything academic on such an occasion because it will shift your mind back to school.

It’s pleasant to have a day to hang out with your friends and family members. It makes you have fun and feel refreshed in an environment away from home. Having friends visit you does not only excite you but also them. Always plan for a day to have someone or something you look forward towards meeting or seeing.


Make Your College Room Like Home

If you want to enjoy your college life and reduce homesickness related stress, then create a home away from home. If you have some things at home that you adore so much, bring them to college. Simply carry everything you like seeing at home and place it in your room.

It’s advisable to shape your dorm room to be more or less like your bedroom at home. When you step in such a room, you feel like you are more at home than in college. This has a tendency of drifting your mind from home and bringing it to college.

However, you should not carry things that the school administration does not allow to college. This may lead to unnecessary disciplinary actions like suspensions and expulsions. It’s good to abide by the laid down college rules and regulations.



It’s good to take ton photographs of the people and things you like seeing while at home. There are some things that are too big that you cannot carry and stay with them at college. Having their images with you makes you feel like you have them around you.

Take photos of your pets, relatives, friends, and things you like seeing in town. You can also take photos of the places you like hanging out to during your recreational moments. You should hang all these pictures in your room. The pictures create a home environment that reduces the effects of homesickness.

It is advisable to take as many photos as you can. Once you are bored with a given set of photos, you can scrap all of them and replace them with others. Photos provide a perfect remedy for reducing homesickness in college. All you need to ensure is that the photos you hang are decent and presentable.


Go Home Once In a While

Apart from doing all these, you need to create some time over the weekend and just go home. There reaches a point when you cannot pretend you are at home when you are in college. This is the best time to make a home visit. Actually, this is the best answer on how to not be homesick at college.

It’s so exciting to get out of college and join your family members and friends.  It makes you feel re-energized to move for another few weeks without them. Most students feel so nice saying goodbye to college as they go home.

However, home visits should not interfere with your academic programs. Always plan for home visits on weekends or when you don’t have lectures and assignments to work on. It’s advisable to visit home once in a while as long as you don’t make it a routine. Frequent home visits may reduce your level of concentration at college.



College is supposed to be a time of having fun in the life of a student. However, college experience may come with a lot of boredom among some learners. You may be sick in the initial stages but make new friends as the days go by. In fact, there reaches a time in your college life when you have to go home, but you don’t feel like.

The secret in college life is making a home away from home. You have a large number of new friends from whom you can make new brothers and sisters. As you adapt to this life, you can use these simple tips to reduce homesickness in college. In case you still face several challenges in adapting to the college life, you can visit a professional councilor who can advise you on the way forward.

It is not so hard to learn how to not be homesick at college if you follow the guideline above.

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