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Hildegard Von Bingen

Hildegard von Bingen

Introduction- Selected Writings and Film: Vision (2009)


Assignment_PART ONE


You have been hired as a head hunter for an elite firm which finds work for aging celebrities. Your new client is a woman in an abbess’ habit named Hildegard of Bingen. She explains details of her life story for you (read the Introduction to her Selected Writings and watch the biographical film Vision, which was filmed in 2009) and asks that you find her work with a Catholic organization that could use her combination of job experience, training, as well as “other gifts” in the name of charity. She explains that although her medieval Latin (called Silver Latin) is passable, she would much prefer that you write her Curriculum Vitae for her in modern English.


As you will find out by reading the introduction to her Selected Writings and by watching the film, Hildegard was a multifaceted person with a broad range of unique talents. In this sense, she is a dream job seeker, and it is your job to research her life in order to bring her talents to the current world job market.


By the way, Sophocles and Kafka are right behind her in the waiting room…


Use the CV as a study guide in the form of notations. In this study guide, you may use resume-style language to represent your client and to present her to potential employers in the best light. Be sure to use the following code to let me know where you got your information about Hildegard:


V = Vision

Intro + page number = citation from Selected Works. (Intro, viii.) half of your citations should be from the Selected Works with page numbers noted in this way.


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