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Hildegard Von Bingen- SCIVIAS

ASSIGHMENT 2- Hildegard von Bingen- SCIVIAS


Please read the following sections and answer the following questions. You provide the answers with corresponding page numbers and citations for each question asked below.




Letter to Bernard de Clairvaux through Letter to Pope Eugenius III- pp. 3-32

Three Political Letters: 65-68

The Cosmic Egg: 89-105

A Vision of Love 171-176




  1. Research the Internet and describe what the Benedictine Rule is all about. Pay particular attention to Benedictine meditation by reading and reciting, what in German is called “understanding.”


  1. Do you believe Hildegard was a synesthete? describe what synesthesia is.


  1. How does Hildegard’s mystic cosmology evolve from her interpretation of Christian orthodoxy (i.e., how do her visions reflect the Bible while assuming an unusually mystic quality to her interpretation of the biblical texts she quotes?)


  1. How do creation and redemption concepts in Hildegard’s visions?


  1. Which role do colors play in her visions? Which figures correspond to which roles?


  1. What did Hildegard write about in her historical letters to famous people?


  1. Do you consider Hildegard to belong to the biblical category of the former or latter prophets? Why or why not? Make a list below.


  1. What is Hildegard’s perception of the world like? How do her natural descriptions in Causes and Cures correspond to the rest of her theological philosophy?



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