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Healthy College Relationship

Tips on Having a Healthy College Relationship

Most relationships in college start as quick hook ups at class parties or as temporally flings that fail to go away. Amidst the pressure of studying, taking part in extra curriculum activities and probably internship, a relationship might not be easy to maintain. However a healthy college relationship important.

Various kinds of relationships can provide a good deal of support and comfort during college years.

There is no written rule or any magical formula to guarantee a healthy college relationship. But there are a few tips that can help.

Do not force a relationship

Most college students enter into relationships thinking that it will end up in marriage. But just because you got hooked up to some guy doesn’t mean the relationship will last. If it’s not working simply let it go. Holding on to a dysfunctional relationship will only lead to frustrations.

Don’t move in together

Avoid letting the relationship move too quickly just because it can. You will need to still be able to do some things on your own. For example: going out with friends. After all, if you are in the same college you will run into each other quite often and this will be enough interaction for the time being.

Go out on dates

Hanging out in college dorms and corridors will soon lead to boredom. Even on a squeezed student budget, you can go out and have some fun. Eating out together or simply watching a movie over the weekend can give you a break from the norm.


Manage expectations

There will be less tension when you have your expectations in check. Accept that there are times you won’t be able to meet due to various individual demands. Realize that your significant other will sometimes be broke and may not be able to attend to your every need. Don’t expect more of each other than you can get.


Don’t let the relationship rate yourself worth.

Your happiness should never be tagged to this relationship. You are worth a lot more than that one person that you are dating.


Be open and honest

Honesty is paramount if a healthy college relationship is to be achieved. Lies that build up over time can cause problems later. It’s good to be totally honest with each other right from the beginning.



It would be unfair to yourself if you compromised everything that matters to you for a new-found love. Attend your lessons, do your home work, eat well and take care of your other responsibilities.


Retain your space

Reserve some activities that you will still do separately. If you neglect your other friends you would have nowhere to turn to in case of a break up. You will feel the urge to go out together each time, but this will lead to boredom.


Develop good communication skills

You will need to feel free to express positive and negative feelings. Communicating your complaints naturally is a sign of a mature relationship. This would also apply to expressing your affection freely.


Avoid mind games

If there is constant mind games’ being played on you, it shows that there is a problem with the relationship. If it is something that you cannot work on, separation will be the only way out of it.


Avoid comparisons

Constantly mentioning your ex or referring to them will cause your significant other to feel bad. Avoid comparing your relationship with others that you previously had.

Be careful with evolving friendships

There are college mates that you are very comfortable around. There is a lot you have in common and you don’t need to be anything else when you are with them. If you are to turn this into a relationship, be sure that it’s the right thing to do. May be all they need to be is just that-nice friends.

Be spontaneous

Surprising your significant other sometimes can be fun. Suggesting things to do out of the blues that are well-meaning to both of you can add flavor to your relationship.


Trust each other

Like with every other relationship, trust is of essence. Doubting every explanation, following each other’s every move, is a sign of mistrust.


The Benefits of Having Healthy College Relationships

There are many advantages of being in a healthy college relationship. These include:

  1. The confidence in knowing that you are special to someone. Having someone always looking out for you gives a sense of self-worth
  2. You get constantly reassured on your talents and goals. This is like having someone cheering you on at every turn. It can make you achieve much in the long run.
  3. There will be no pressure from other college mates to take you out. They already know you are taken and they have to learn to live with it.
  4. You learn new things from each other. You tackle challenges together and explore together.
  5. You have someone who loves and supports you as you grow and learn.
  6. Having a mature relationship saves you from casual flings that come along with various risks. For example STDs and heart breaks.
  7. Hearing the words ‘I love you’ over and over builds your esteem. It reminds you that you are appreciated and gives you the urge to take even greater care of yourself.
  8. You get to do things together like shopping and attending college events.
  9. Being in a healthy college relationship gives you a sense of stability. It reduces the time and energy you would waste worrying about when and how you will find someone to love you.
  10. You are no longer searching so you can rest easy.
  11. Your family gets to know who you are with and they do not have to worry anymore on what type of people you could be hanging out with. They know there’s someone taking care of your feelings on the other end.
  12. There will be someone always looking out for your interests. They will alert you on every opportunity that arises that could be of benefit to you. They will also ensure that you get to your dorm or apartment safely after a late night out.

Being in a healthy college relationship is an essential part of growing up that should be encouraged. Whether or not the relationship will lead to marriage, it will have played a major role in shaping your future interactions.

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