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Health Information Systems 1

1. What kinds of things might happen if a user group and an information systems group worked for a few months on a new health record system without some clear project management?

2. How can baseline data collected at the beginning of a project help in the evaluation process?

3. list three reasons why the “go live” period is typically stressful.

4. We measure the standing heights of five basketball players and find that Thom is 203 cm tall; Ram is 204 cm tall; Malcolm is 201 cm tall; Joshua is 204 cm tall; and Sylvia is 202 cm tall. What kind of graph (not table) would we use to display this continuous data?

5. Why is it important to know whether a research article is from a peer-reviewed journal? Please provide an example
6. Many hospitals have systems in place and are now or will in the future face the task of determining which data in the previous system should be migrated or mapped to the new system. Look at this topic from both the health information management and information systems perspective. Select one or two systems, such as registration, admissions-discharges-transfers, billing, chart tracking, or release of information, and identify which data elements would need to be brought forward to a new system and why. Identify which data elements have long-term value for patient care and which data elements must be preserved and accessible but may not be actively used for patient care.

7. Why is it necessary for the health information professional to possess a basic understanding of information technology?
8. What are the most frequent ethical challenges in health information management?

APA format each question should be at least half a page long
Include reference

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