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Governments, Markets and Communities

Governments, Markets and Communities
Essay Information

REQUIRED LENGTH: 2500 words (plus or minus 10%)
Essays under or over the required length may be penalised

Essays must be uploaded through safe assign. Please ensure the system acknowledges your submission. Some versions of safari are not compatible with safe assign. If you are having problems try using an alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Extensions: essays submitted after the due date/time will be penalised. If you need an extension, you must contact the course convener by email before the due date/time.

The course guide provides some preliminary readings for the essay topics. It is up to you, however, to seek out further relevant readings and sources. Newspapers and other media can provide you with good contemporary examples. Websites of relevant organizations can also provide useful examples of current practice.

You must use and refer to a minimum of eight sources (not including newspaper clippings or unattributable web material). This should include at least six scholarly sources.

You must use a standard system of referencing which includes pages numbers. We strongly recommend the Harvard system

All references should be listed alphabetically, by author, in a reference list at the end of the essays. WEB references must include the full WEB address and date consulted. Inadequately cited WEB references will be discounted.

Essays which are inadequately or inappropriately referenced will be penalized or returned without marking.

A university essay is not a simple description of a set of circumstances or the workings of an institution. It is important to engage with the arguments and present a case of your own, based on your assessment of the evidence. Your argument is a crucial part of the essay but it must be supported. Assertion is not argument. You must support your opinions with good evidence and valid reasoning.

Essays are assessed according to how well they present and defend their case, and how well they deal with opposing arguments and claims.

See the criteria sheets and marking standards at the end of this guide for more details on what your markers will be looking for.
The University takes plagiarism very seriously and it is becoming easier to detect with the spread of text matching software. This software not only searches published materials but also other students’ essays. To avoid unintentional plagiarism, you are encouraged to check your drafts through safeassign.

Plagiarism includes word for word copying from another source without an appropriate reference, using another person’s ideas without acknowledgment, or submitting work that has been produced by someone else. You may be asked to submit your drafts and notes before your work can be awarded a mark.

Where plagiarism is suspected, the work will be submitted to the University’s Student Integrity System.

Ensure your essay is well edited and well-presented
• 1½ -2 line spacing
• 11/2-2 cm margin
• numbered pages
• provide essay question and word count
Always remember to back up your work frequently

Answer this question in essay format:

1. Does the introduction of competition inevitably improve the quality and reduce the costs of providing public services? Discuss using examples.

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