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Good Essay Writing Tips

How to Write a Good Essay

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, essay writing is inevitable. Each assignment or examination requires you to answer in form of an essay and a great one. Good essay writing tips are essential!

While writing an essay can be a cut in the cake for students who’re passionate about writing and savvy on the subject matter, it can be a harrowing experience to others. But this doesn’t need to be the case.

In this article I will discuss few good essay writing tips that you can employ to improve your essay writing.

But before we get there…

Why is essay writing important to students?

Your professor will give you an essay to test various skills.  Among these skills he may be testing is your ability to absorb and use your mental resource to analyze the information you have so far acquired in class.

Categorically, essays are meant to test:

  • Your knowledge about a particular topic. Through the essay, your professor will be able to test what you have so far learned. This is especially important when it comes to humanities.
  • Your comprehension abilities. This has to do with how you are able to understand complex information and explain those concepts in a simple language.
  • Essays also test your ability to learn from different situations and sources and give an ‘”appraisal”” on which bits of information are necessary.
  • Essays also test how the reader can put up a well-balanced and clear argument that cuts across a number of points of view.

Now, does the idea of writing your essay make your system to automatically shut down? If writing essays gives you a devastating Chernobyl experience, then you should not worry.

Many students experience that too.  Here are some good essay writing tips you can apply in your writing to make it sound better.

Do not make your essay sound like a resume

Are you writing for college admission essay? Well, you might want to mention one or two of your achievements, here and there. That’s important. But you have to be mean with this information.


The quickest way to send your reader from zero to full-blown boredom in two seconds is by listing a whole world of activities and awards in your essay.

Your college admission officers will find these self-congratulatory facts non –impressive.  And, that will cost you an opportunity to join that particular institution.

Strive to use natural vocabulary and an appropriate tone

Don’t write to impress your readers with your unparalleled wordsmith.  If your goal is to show the depth of your vocabulary, then chances are that you might not pass your message effectively.

Your goal is to enlighten the reader on a particular subject.

Essay writing is an opportunity your professor gives you to show world how well you can express yourself. If you use complex vocabulary that you don’t even understand, ten how do expect to put it in its correct context?

Writing in a conservational tone is one of the good essay writing tips our professor would often stress. This was especially important when writing college admission essays. Use natural vocabulary and clearly articulate your opinions and arguments.  In so doing, your essay will sound more credible and clear to the readers.

Write an over-the-top introduction

You want to impress the reader by drawing them into your text.  So, begin your introduction with a conclusive hook that will form an impressive theme of your essay.  Also, develop a focused thesis statement that will form the basis of your argumentation.

Okay, there are those that insist that the thesis statement should go at the bottom of the introduction. Others think that it needs to appear at the top. The overall idea of the paper is to make an assertion and then to support it with credible sources. Whichever you approach it, as long as you achieve your goals, that’s okay.

A moving body text and a conclusion

This is where you will present your arguments and support them with credible resources.

You will be providing analysis and evidence that supports your thesis statements. To excel, begin your body text with the piece of evidence.

After successfully write your body text, summarize everything in your conclusion. Remember the conclusion should not include anything new.

Focus on the question you are required to answer

Most students try to mould the question in a way that feels comfortable for them to respond to. You are given a specific question tackle. And your professor wants to evaluate you from that question.  Be careful about this. You might write a brilliant essay, but one that doesn’t conform to the instructions that you were given. And, that’s where failure begins.

Include personal details

I’m sure you are wondering how adding your personal details and anecdotes qualifies as one of good essay writing tips. Yes, it is.  But your question is how it is important?  If you want to make your essay memorable and unique to the admission officers, include some of your unique moments that you want to tell to the reader.

And, that includes your personal experiences, opinions, perspective and values that were shaped by that experience. Let the admission officers know who really you are though your essay. But be careful not to make it sound like a resume.

Quote different sources to support your arguments

Now, this is one of the good essay writing tips of all the time that many students do not get well. Feel free to quote from other peoples’ work. Quotations strengthen your points of arguments. And demonstrate your understanding on the topic at hand.

But do not cram your essay with quotations from different academic sources to show that you have read widely. This could be a suggestion that you don’t have confident to forcefully present your arguments.

Cite and reference your work accordingly

At your education level, you might not have any research or book you have written. Most of the information you might write on your essay is just a regurgitation of other peoples work.
Do not be mean. Plagiarizing someone’s work is terrible and can ruin your academic career.
After supporting your arguments with quotes from credible sources, cite the source of the content in the page.  Then do reference the work at the bottom of the page.

Proofread your work.

This is very essential. Your teacher English teacher burned a lot of hours teaching you good essay writing tips. Your professor assumes you know what is required of your. And he might not take your laxity kindly.
Edit your work too. Do not trust the spell check. There so much that the spell check can’t catch. Remember, if you want anyone to take you seriously, your English must be impeccable. Use a neat sentence structure, no typos or misplaced commas.
Are you writing a college admission essay or a college essay? To be on the safe side read what other successful college admission or college level essays.  Analyze how the writers have developed a good personal voice. From what they have, you can pick a few pointers that would help you to develop your voice and tone.  So, it’s up to you to implement these good essay writing tips or not.

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