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(Global Business solution To Virtual Team Networking

First Part
This time the Supervisor asked me to make research Questions, and I did not do
my research Questions as you can see in the Draft file , you did the big part for
me this semester , so what I need is from you to make research Question that we
have answered them in the thesis
He said to me to make 1 or 2 or 3 Question as maximum , So please go through
the entire File Again and try to come up with 1 or 2 or 3 Research question that
my project was able to answer them
Second Part
I need from you to writer maximum 5 lines Introduction and conclusion for
theses Chapters. In the introduction you have to explain what is this chapter
About and what will be discuses here , in the conclusion say the summary and
the result of that chapter
I need introduction and Conclusion Only for the following chapter:
* Chapters 2 which is about literature review, I need 4 to 5 Lines introduction for
this Chapter and at the end I need Conclusion as well In 4 or 5 lines maximum
* Chapter 3 Research Methodology, again same as literature review
* Chapter 4 Data Collection
* Chapter 5 Data Analysis
* Chapter 6 Findings
Second Part
After you make the right research Questions , you need add a small part in the
conclusion saying some thing like ; the project was able to answer the research
Questions ….. etc, you know I’m just saying , because I have no Idea how to write
such thing, Just explain and indicate that the Project was ab

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