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Glaciation in Cleveland, Ohio

presentation about the edgewater park in Cleveland Ohio, in this course i wrote 5 journals about the park my first journals was required for me is Visit your natural place. Describe it, including a short history and a physical description. Minimum 2 pages of text. Please include 1-3 photos (taken by you, not from the Internet). See syllabus for more information on journals.
i will upload the fist journal.
the second journal: Visit your natural place. Write about evidence of glaciation (if any) in your natural place. Describe the topography of the place, and do your best to identify at least a few tree species present there. In addition to your text, this is a good resource for identifying tree species: Are the trees native to Ohio, or were they introduced after settlement? See if you can determine which soil region your place is in ( and describe the characteristics of those soils. but in this journal i wrote on General about Cleveland i should write about the park, so you have to make correct it
the third journal:
Visit your natural place. Are there any streams, rivers, ponds or lakes on your site? Describe them. Also discuss storm water. What happens when it rains here? Where does the water end up, and how does it get there? in this journal i wrote about Lake Eire its in the park i will upload it as well
my fourth journal:
Visit your natural place. In which physiographic region is your place located? How are the topography, animal/plant species, geology, etc., typical of this region?
fifth journal and the last one is:
Visit your natural place. Reflect on and wrap up your overall experience of seeing your space change over the semester so far. Some questions to consider:
– What have you learned from visiting your place over time?
– What, if anything, has surprised you about this experience?
– Do you feel any differently about your relationship with this place now than you did at the beginning of the semester?
– What would you tell others to keep their eyes open for if they were to visit this place?

okay so my presentation its all gonna be about edgewater park located in Cleveland Ohio US.

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