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Gifted College Students’ Problems

 Why do Clever people suffer from Gifted College Students Problems?

Although gifted students possess higher intelligence levels than their fellow students, at times they are disadvantaged when it comes to college education. Gifted college students problems prevent them from reaching their full potential. One of the reason is lecturers and school workers do not primarily know how to cater for the needs of these type of students.

Most of gifted college students problems are mostly adjustment related. Without proper environmental support, these problems can have adverse effects on the students. Let’s look at some of the top problems for college students with gifted students characteristics…


  1. Inappropriate Environments

Some gifted students experience more problems because they spend significant portions of their time in an educational setting that does not suit them. The more a talented student’s abilities differ from their peers; the more inappropriate the educational program offered in the regular classroom becomes. They will feel that they do not belong to that class because they are different.

Most gifted college students problems arise because most schools cannot provide the environment they want. One of the reason is that they are just a minority group, and the school cannot change the whole structure because of them.

In most colleges, the content of the syllabus is not directly connected to the gift the student have. For example, a technologically brilliant student who is familiar with a program that deals with technology can be asked to learn communication skills or other creative skills courses that are standard courses in the college. He will spend much time in these classes, which makes it hard for him to reach their full potential in matters concerning technology.


  1. Role Conflict

There is a conflict between society’s stereotyped expectations for the highly gifted students need to fulfill extraordinary individual potential. This can be severe to them because of one reason or another.

For example, in most school settings, that kid who is good at sports or music is seen as a hero and not that technology geek.  The ambition to fulfill what the society expects of you can dim the gifted students’ ambition of reaching full potential.

This gifted  college students’ problem in colleges is attributed to lack of good role models. Talents viewed as less important in the society do not have people who can guide the gifted students to reach their full potential. Although we assume the highly talented students are smart, enough they also need guidance so that they can reach the full potential at what they are good at.


  1. Perfectionism

Many gifted students show the characteristic of perfection that makes them set impossible goals for themselves. They always want to be perfect in everything and most of them find themselves pushing their brains to extreme limits just to be perfect.

Sometimes perfectionism can work against the gifted student especially if they do not achieve the goals they have set. They start distrusting the people around them for not making them reach their full potential. When this happens, they might stop attending classes since they cannot trust their lecturers anymore.

When perfectionism is combined with self-punishing attitude, it kills the imagination and the spirit of the gifted student. They then end up performing poorly and do not fulfill the promise of their promising talent. Their inner drive to be perfect makes the talented students think they are failures when things do not go how they wanted them to.


  1. Keen observation and imaginations

Most gifted students require full details or explanations before answering questions that make them look shy in the society. If the other college students decide to ridicule them, they tend to be withdrawn, and this might affect their social life.


  1. Intensive sensitivity

This is where the gifted students tend to intensify typical problems of growing up. It makes them take common problems such as anger very personally. They do not forget their childhood memories quickly.

This intensive sensitivity makes the have a well-developed sense of things that are right or wrong. It makes them concerned over things like pollution, starvation and social things affecting the world in general. If they are overloaded with such things, they can get introverted or even become depressed.


  1. Advanced reasoning and verbal abilities

Although these might seem like a good thing for them, it counts as a gifted college students’ problem. It makes them argumentative and manipulative. This makes them think they are clever than the lecturers, and they might decide to challenge everything he or she is teaching.

The advanced reasoning makes the gifted students have a great sense of humor that the other students might not understand. When this happens, the gifted students end up feeling rejected and inferior. As a result, they develop to be introverted, and some become depressed.


  1. Asynchronous development

This refers to uneven physical or emotional development among gifted students. While in college, it is the time that most students are exploring their love desires. In fact, this is the time that most people meet their marriage partners.

Due to uneven or slow development in their emotions, students with these gifted  college students’ problems may not find this stage exciting. When they are not aggressive enough, they may end up staying single. This makes them develop esteem issues because they start thinking they are not attractive enough.

Although they can understand concepts such as sex, the gifted student is not able to deal with them emotionally. They are therefore unable to maintain stable relationships, and they end up being heartbroken most of the time. There is a higher chance of developing emotional distress after this.

In conclusion, not all gifted students suffer from the gifted college students problems mentioned above. However, they are the most common among them. How we treat and handle them determines a lot the extent to which these issues will affect them. The society as a whole should be able to change to accommodate these people in the community.

While in college, do not make them feel inferior when you notice that they have  gifted college students’ problems. You should try to understand them because they are easily vulnerable.


To solve all those problems, schools should introduce enrichment projects for gifted students, fun projects for gifted students, classroom accommodations for gifted students, and invest in specialized resources for teaching gifted students.

Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :

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