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Gallium Nitride Semiconductors

I have a technical paper to write, the topic is on Gallium Nitride Semiconductors. I already wrote the outlines for the paper (attached), it should help you to konw what to focuc on.


the technical paper must be singled spaced and 8 pages maximum.



The following carteria must be met:



1.Format: abstract, introduction, material properties, comparisons, applications, processing, testing, conclusions.




2.Do not include Table of Contents; not necessary for a paper that is 8 pages maximum.3.Avoid the use of quotes; Too many quotes, “copy/paste”, not student’s work.




4.Appropriate Technical content; the paper is not an infomercial with superficial content. The paper is not significantly beyond the scope of the course and obviously not the student’s work.




5.Organization of paper; coherent sections, integrated paper; avoid chunks of text with no section headings;




6.Start early, so paper is not a rough draft done at the last minute.




7.Quality of research – use multiple relevant sources.




8.Figures and tables are included, relevant to topic, formatted properly (numbered and captioned).




9.Figures are discussed in text.




10.Good quality photos/images/tables are included and are not blurry.




11.References – proper format, consistent format, and cited throughout text; 5 minimum, not including course textbook.




12.Approved topic, submission of term paper.




13.Quality of analysis or summary; student appears to understand what is being explained.




14.Interesting or informative.




15.Conscientious effort is apparent in final result.




16.Focus of paper is on materials and engineering.


Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
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