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Freelance Online Essay Writing

What to Look for in a Writer for Freelance Online Essay Writing

Writing an essay is required almost everywhere and without the right skills, it can be challenging. If you have an essay due soon and you are too busy to work on it, you may require help from companies that offer freelance online essay writing services. You need to ensure the writer fixing your essay is competent enough and here are some of the qualities to go for.


  • Excellent writing skills

For freelance online essay writing, your primary duty is to communicate to people. Excellent writers master the art of writing flowing, easy to read and understand pieces. A good writer takes an online freelance writing course.  Keep this in mind for you to be able to write an excellent essay;

  1. It is important that you know what the question is asking. What terms have been used, the length, type of essay and such details.
  2. Come up with a thesis statement. This statement shows your stand on the question and gives a guide on what you will talk about.
  3. Gather all helpful information from journals, books, and other credible sources.
  4. Arrange your ideas according to the plan of the essay.
  5. Create a draft from the information.
  6. Read the draft and make any necessary changes.
  7. Submit the final copy.
  8. The articles should have an introduction, body paragraph, and a conclusion.


  • Excellent communication skills

A good communicator passes information without struggling. Essays address different topics tailored for various groups of people. To communicate effectively, you should keep the target group in mind when writing.

  • Good research skills

Sourcing for information is important when it comes to doing freelance writing assignments. Not all information is reliable, so you need to learn to distinguish between the helpful from the less useful sources. Readers enjoy reading informative pieces.

  • Excellent organizational skills

For freelancers to meet the set deadlines, they can’t help but be organized. This also helps them not to do their work in a hurry: rushing through the work results in a bad quality work.

  • Inter-personal skills

Freelancers interact with people at all times. So, they must have excellent inter-personal skills. It is therefore impossible to be anti-social when working for freelance writing websites. You must know how to handle differences and people with different personalities.

  • Hardworking

It is important that for anyone offering essay writing online service, you must be hard working. Some of the assignments have short deadlines.  When freelancers take up such assignments, then they might be forced to work past their working hours. So they need to be flexible to accommodate such.

Knowledge of the different citation styles

Freelance essay writing online requires the writer to be conversant with referencing styles. The most common styles are MLA, APA, Chicago and Harvard. The referencing styles enable the author to present his ideas without undermining the studies and works of his writing.

  1. APA

It is also known as the American Psychological Association. The format is common in sociology and psychology papers. When it comes to formatting, it focuses on;

  • Every page has a header. The running head is written in capital and indented to the left
  • The page number appears on the right
  • Characters are 12 points in size and use Times Roman
  • Lines are double spaced
  • There must be a 1-inch on all sides of the paper
  • Duse double quotations when quoting less than forty words. If the phrases are more than forty, then start them on a new line. Indent them five spaces and use block quotations instead of quotation marks
  • For citing, use the authors surname and year of publication
  • The first line of every paragraph is indented 0.5 inches. The tabs key is pressed once for this
  • Capital letters are used when writing section heads
  • The reference page appears on a new page


  1. Chicago

The formatting is common in philosophical, scientific and historical papers. Unlike other papers where the citations are placed in the middle of the sentences, Chicago relies on footnotes. The text has continuity. Some of its formatting characteristic includes;

  • The paper is double spaced except for the references, bibliographies, footnotes, endnotes, and block quotes which are single spaced
  • Page numbers on the main document are centered at the bottom. The page numbers for other parts of the work appear on top, but they are also centered
  • For numbering, Roman numbers are used in the introductory part and Arabic for the rest of the document
  • Preferred text is Times Roman of font size 12
  • When placing in-text citations writers use superscript numbers or letter. The list of citations then appears at the bottom of the page in numerical order. After the paper is complete, the author lists the citations as endnotes in numerical order


  1. Harvard

It is one of the easiest to use. Harvard has very few rules, and universities acknowledge its ease of use. When it comes to formatting, the papers must observe the following;

  • The paper should be double spaced
  • The recommended font size is 12 inches, Times Roman
  • In-text citations include the name, year of publication, and page number
  • When referencing, the author states the name of the writer, publication year, title, publication place and the name of the publisher


  1. MLA

It is the most commonly used. Modern Language Association uses standards that are common in many countries. This makes it acceptable and easy to use. Most scholars prefer to use it in humanities. How does it stand out from the rest?

  • In-text citations are very short. They include the page number and the authors name
  • Use italics for the title. Not long ago, the titles were underlined, but that is no longer necessary
  • The text uses 12 inches Times Roman
  • The article is double spaced
  • In the bibliography, include the surname, first name, book title, place of publication, name of publisher and finally, the year of publication
  • When referencing online source, the style is not keen on URLs. This is because they change now and then
  • If a writer cites from a popular book, then they do not need to include all the publication information, the publication year and the edition are enough

Apart from having the right information, presentation of the same is important. Some formatting styles are inclined towards some discipline while others are open for all. In short, a good paper is determined by having the right information, having the ability to write well and applying the correct style so that your paper may communicate well. Online essay writing sites will always test your writing skills before hiring you as a freelance essay writers online.

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