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Financial Principles in Public Healthcare or Education

Select a public, healthcare or educational organization that should be used for this Final Project which should address the key financial principles outlined in this course. If applicable you can use your current or a former employer:

The Project must be substantive, relevant, interesting and professional. Use exhibits freely. Your write-up of the final project should be typed, double spaced. (APA Style)

The paper must be at least 8 pages but no longer than 10 pages, not including an appendix, which will contain visual aids, cost breakdowns, etc . as appropriate to the subject and references. There should be a table of contents page at the beginning. The following must be included:
1. Introduction
2. Executive Summary
i. What is the organization’s business/industry
ii. A brief history of the organization’s economic, corporate governance and political health
iii. How is the company impacted by macroeconomic factors such as GDP, interest rates, tax laws, levels of employment, inflation/deflation and other population demographics

3. Situation
i. What makes this organization a success or failure and why? What are the issues? To answer these questions you must prepare a SWOT Analysis for the organization focusing on Financial Accounting issues
ii. Perform a review of the following:
a. The organization’s budget including capital budgets
b. Long-term financing and the impact on the organization’s products and services
c. Analysis of the organization’s financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow). You should compare the financial statements of the last two (2) full fiscal years.
iii. Based on your findings from the SWOT Analysis, how do these factors impact the organization’s financial performance?
iv. From the SWOT Analysis identify one problem (Threat or Weakness) and indicate what can be done to convert this issue to a strength or opportunity.

4. Recommendations (Important to utilize scholarly support for your recommendations)
i. Recommendations to address the major issues, and supporting reasons with scholarly references. Describe the solution/recommendation.
ii. What are the tangible/intangible benefits?
5. Impact
i. Provide the pros and cons to recommendations. If costs or economic evaluation are involved, then include them in the written document.
ii. Who is the change going to effect, and how will it affect them? How is it going to affect the organization?
6. Selection
i. List of measurements that management can use to follow implemented solution.

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