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Family Worries

Effects of Family Worries on College Students

There are so many family worries that affect college students. Some of these worries include lack of school feel, having a sick child, staying with parents with broken relationships, and poor living conditions among others. Most of these worries are inevitable among college students and may lead to stress.

These family concerns affect both the married and single college students. However, married students are affected most because they have to play the role of a parent and student at the same time. Any small challenge that comes their way can shift their attention from school back home.

It is advisable for college students to learn how to cope with these challenges since nobody can run from family challenges. These worries have several physical, emotional, behavioral and cognitive effects to the learner. Here are some of the effects of family worries on college students.

Physical Effects

One physical effect of family worries among college students is sweating. Releasing a lot of sweat and odors is a sign of fear and danger. Worrying about family problems also increase your heartbeat. Your brain releases epinephrine which in turn increases your heartbeat. The increased heart beat prepares your body to react by either fleeing or fighting back.

Constant worries emanating from your family also increases your blood pressure.  It is healthy to maintain a normal blood pressure by worrying less about your family challenges. Family worries can also cause a lot of muscle tension in your body.

Students who think about their family worries so much also tend to have severe headaches. The characteristic of such headaches is usually tightened neck muscles and shoulders. The hormonal shift, dietary changes and muscle tension that occurs due to worries may also lead to severe abdominal and stomach pains.

Family challenges and worries may also cause a lot of fatigue in the student. This crashes your body due to extended periods of family worries. This physical effects of family worries end up affecting the overall academic performance of the student.

Emotional effects

College students have several emotional effects that emanate from family worries. You will always feel a sense of hostility due to family related stress. You will also begin to receive stress from other potential stimuli. As a student, you may end up lashing out with irritability or frustration as a defense mechanism.

Family related worries may also leave you with a feeling of helplessness. College students who are exposed to constant worrying obligations, environments and events normally feel that they have nothing they can do to remedy the situation. You will not be able to get out of your condition even if you have a chance of rescuing yourself from these worries.

If you are faced with so many worries of this world, you will most likely be unhappy. You will find yourself slipping into a non-pleasant negative attitude. It’s good to overcome family stressors for you to remain excited about life.

Another emotional effect of these worries is a feeling of loneliness. You will begin to leave in a vicious cycle of isolation and worries. You begin to feel alone even when you are in crowds. These family worries can depress and eventually kill a student.

Emotional effects of worries among students are among the worst you should desire. They can make you go into depression and sometimes think of committing suicide. Focusing more on these worries makes you pay less attention in class.

Behavioral Effects

One behavioral effect of challenges emanating from your family is the loss of appetite. Stress and worry hormones usually halt your appetite for a while, and you end up reducing eating.  A student needs a lot of energy, and reduced eating may lead to several health effects.

Some students may turn to drug and alcohol as a result of their worries about life. You can never escape life challenges by turning into substance abuse. It’s advisable to address your life challenges as they come and while you are sober.

Family worries may also reduce your sex drive. Lose of intimacy is not healthy especially for married students who need to satisfy their spouses. This drive reduces due to the reduction of libido in your body. Therefore, handling worries and overcoming them is essential for your family life.

Worries can also develop erratic sleeping habits in an individual. They cause you to swing between fatigue and exhaustion because of hormone overload. You end up having sleepless nights or disrupted sleep which increases the level of insomnia and stress in you. There is no way you will concentrate in class if you don’t get enough sleep.

These behavioral effects may also affect people who are around you. You may behave in a way that makes you lose friends. It’s advisable to remain steady even when you are going through the hardest time in your life.

Cognitive Effects

Family worries have a lot of cognitive effects on the life of a student. Persistent concentration on your life challenges can interfere with your ability to remember things. These worries end up leading to memory loss among several college students. You end up forgetting what you learn in class which is the objective you wake up every day.

Another cognitive effect of family worries among students is the loss of concentration. It is quite unfortunate for you to lose concentration even in class. There is no way you will focus on your studies if you are full of worries. You should not allow your brain to buzz over the many challenges that surround you. Remember that you have very little you can do about some of these situations.


The main aim of going to college is to excel in your academic work. You pay a lot of money in the form of school fees for you to achieve these objectives. You should not allow yourself to get out of the path because of worries.

It is good to note that every individual has something that is of concern in his life. The difference is the period you take to overcome your challenges. Some things are under your control while others are completely out of control. It’s good to do your best and leave the rest to nature to take its course. You should never let family worries to hinder your objective of academic excellence.


Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :

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