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Family Studies

Family Studies Papers

Family studies is a branch of human psychology that seeks to research on how individuals develop and the changes they undergo from birth to death. It investigates how changes in family members influence its matrix and dynamics. By studying the relationships and interactions within the family, researchers  explain how changes support coexistence of all members.


How is it related to other studies?

The subject is closely related to sociology as it tries to explain human interactions. The aim of the study is to understand and create a healthy environment for the family to grow and develop. Individuals and family socialize with each other. In real sense, individuals from different families join to create new families through marriages.

When taking family studies, you will study how the family is connected to other social institutions. You will understand the religious orientation of a family, their feeding habits, their education statuses, etc. Family studies is important in education as teachers are able to understand children with behavioral disorders.

The subject is related to biology as it tries to examine the genetic inheritance of traits in some individuals. It helps you to understand mental disorders that exist within some families. The study will help students to understand the risks family members of a person who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder might have given that they share genes.


Some of the subjects that are studied in family studies are adolescent therapy, family resource management, marriage therapy, human development, human services, adult development, family counselling, general family therapy, aging and family, human sexuality, parenting and family management, among others.

Family studies can be studied from undergraduate to Doctorate level. The theme of these levels is family, marriage and relationships. The more you advance, the more understanding of the family and the society in general you will have.

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