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Faith and Religion

Tips for Keeping Your Faith and religion at College Alive

College life brings exciting opportunities and momentous changes in the life of any college student. The desire for most parents is that their children uphold to the faith and religion they brought them up knowing. However, this is never the case because of the prevailing conditions in our colleges.

Whether you study in a secular or religious college, it’s good to retain your faith and religious beliefs. This is because it is more fun and interesting to live your faith in school. It’s good to note that religion guides most of the decisions you make in college including career choice, who to marry, and where to live just to name a few.

Most students desire to remain faithful to their religion but end up losing their faith. Very few learners manage deepen their faith and religion while in school. Here are a few tips that will assist you to build your faith while in college.

Be a good Student

As a college student, you need to understand that you are laying a foundation for your future that should be productive. You should portray characters that go in line with your religious beliefs. Simple things like attending all your classes go a big way in making you a good religious student.

All religions teach about morals and how to uphold them wherever you go. You should always embrace acquisition of knowledge and learning. There is no religion that contradicts truth and faith. In fact, truth is used to build your faith.

There is no area of knowledge that is controversial, forbidden or off-limits to your faith and religion. Whether you major in psychology, English, engineering, economics, history, or physics, there is nothing you learn that can jeopardize your region.

However, there is always a way to approach the subjects that may not be in line with your faith. Just take the things as you learn for purposes of passing the exams but stick to your faith. Apart from reading your lecture books, spare sometime for books that nourish your faith and religion. Total concentration on classwork and forgetting about your religion may detach you from your creator.

You should read a few religious chapters on a daily basis. You will begin to compare what you learn in class and your religious beliefs. You may come across so many questions, and you may not get answers for all of them. These questions are good because they encourage you to go deeper into your religion.

This may challenge you to read more in search of the answers. The advantage is that as you continue reading, you will not fail to get responses. However, you need to strike a balance between these religious books and your course work.

Make Good Friends

You gain a lot of information from both classroom and outside class. The most critical choice you make on campus is not the classes to attend, the major, or where to live but the kind of friends you have. It goes without saying that bad company corrupts good morals.

Your friends will determine the progress you make in both academics and your faith and religion. You need to be discerning and very selective as you make a list of friends. Most people who lose their faith while in campus are because of the kind of friends they choose.

Good friends should be able to bring you up in faith and not pull you down. You can join a faith-based club to find good friends. Don’t hang out with friends who like activities that can derail your well-being. Always participate in activities that build you into a better person.

Faith and religion sometimes call upon denying your body some of the pleasures of this world. If your faith does not allow drinking, then hang out with sober men. Bad company can impact the wrong morals in you gradually until you end up facing several disciplinary measures.

Most college students who drop their faith due to bad company die out of alcohol and substance abuse. If your faith does not support pre-marital sexual relationships, then avoid them. The best thing is to stick to the boundaries that your faith and religion provide. Concentrate on your academics and avoid things at don’t add value to your life as a student.

Grow Closer to Your God

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, and Hindu among other religions, you have a god figure you believe.  You can never grow into a close relationship with your God unless you spend enough time in his presence. You need to purpose to attend most of the religious gatherings while in college.

You need to attend worship services every week for spiritual nourishment. You can remain a friend of God by staying close to him in prayer and worship. Continue evaluating your walk with him and see whether you are drawing closer or further.

Listen and stay in prayer every morning one you wake up and evening before you sleep. Take any opportunity to volunteer and assist the needy. All religions stress that helping your neighbors is love for your creator. By assisting others, you also assist yourself to draw into a closer relationship with your God.

It’s also good to take time and share your faith with others. It’s good to schedule even once a month to teach others about your creator. As you share with others, you may encounter several questions that create in you the urge to learn more. You may also meet stronger believers who will build your faith.

It is also good to remain honest with yourself and your God. Always confess your sins and he will be more than willing to forgive you. It’s good to seek to deepen your faith and religion as you aspire to excel in your academics.


Faith and religion can be very complicated issues for college students.  You meet people from various religious backgrounds. You may end up losing your religion for another one or to the world. It is advisable to remain steadfast and hold on to your faith.

The advantage of remaining religious is that it keeps you disciplined and on track. Faith assists you to be a good performer in class. This paper has provided you with a few tips on how to remain religious as you walk through college.

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Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
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