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Ethics in Research

The National Institute of Justice can issue a _______ which protect researchers from being legally required to disclose confidential information.



Which of the following is not a positivist guideline about how to conduct research?

  1. plan and carry out investigations systematically
  2. become personally invested in a particular outcome
  3. document and disclose all procedures
  4. replicate research
  5. clarify assumptions.


Of the following violations to general ethical rules, which is themost common and most acceptable, if properly addressed?

  1. deception of subjects
  2. harming the subjects
  3. breaking confidentiality
  4. none of the above violations are ever acceptable


Examining media to determine attitudes towards school safety policies is an example of

  1. participant observation
  2. intensive interviewing
  3. content analysis
  4. crime mapping
  5. selective observation


If a research question begins with “why do people…? the type of research most likely is __________


Using census data to study aspects of the American population is an example of ________.


A _____________ blank is a variable that a researcher is looking for change in?


Sara presents subject with photographs of people and asks them to describe their impressions. In order to get their honest opinions, she does not tell them that she is studying the stereotypes people form based on race and gender. In order to adhere to ethical guidelines as best as possible, she should:

  1. debrief them at the end
  2. fully inform them of her intentions at the beginning
  3. stop the study immediately
  4. not report the deception in her findings
  5. not tell the subjects anything about the study until the end


_______________reasoning begins with a general idea and moves toward a specific reality


Commitment to what is deemed the “necessary starting point” for all research that is ethical ?

  1. honesty
  2. reliability
  3. respect
  4. validity


_____________research begins with specific data and then develops general ideas or theories to explain patterns in the data?


The belief that one overarching reality exists apart from individual perceptions of it is know as__________________.


_________________is the combination of methodologies to answer a research question.


Not questioning your professors about the accuracy of their statements could be an example of

  1. illogical reasoning
  2. resistance to change
  3. overgeneraliztion
  4. selective observation
  5. inaccurate observation




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