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Whizz15 Review Review is not the normal writing company that writes essays for students. Their main focus is giving students ideas and suggestions on how to do the essays on their own. Some of their work deviates from originality. They borrow heavily from online databases. In this case, we cannot say that they deliberately do that.

In the realm of academics, plagiarism is highly denigrated and heavily penalized. It should however be noted that warns their users to be careful when using the service.


Their Services

It is noteworthy that the website does not work like other essay writing services. As aforementioned, their services do not entail ordering essays and having them written. Therefore, they do not sell any type of papers to college students. Their aim and common practice is goes like; you start writing your essay as per the topic that you have been given by your tutor. It is from there that you will get all possible suggestion that rhymes your topic.

Their main idea is to stimulate your thinking process. They guide your writing process. If you are to categorize them, they do not qualify to be an essay writing website. They are a tool to aid students in the essay writing process.

Guided by their mode operation, if you need help with writing an essay, we can conclude that is not for you. You have to dig and delve more for other companies. However, if you are willing to do the essay on your own but you are short of ideas or you are suffering from writers’ block, you are at the right place with them.


Their Prices

The developer of this awesome tool does not charge a dime for their services. As such, you are 100% responsible for the paper.

When using essay typer, the burden of writing the essay, be it a dissertation or a one page essay, lies on you. If your performance is dismal, the company offers no remedy or redress.

Delineating from that, if you do not have competent writing skills, essay typer cannot help you As such, you should look for an essay writing service to help you.


Quality of Service

Following the discussion that we have held above, it is important to note that essay typer is a tool and not a writing service. We can therefore deduce that the quality of the essay that you come up with depends on your experience.

Their service borders on helping you to come up with academically sound phrases. We can therefore deduce that essay typer is the best tool for making suggestions and proposals when writing your essay. There is no doubt about that.


Customer Service

On the internet, it is important to note that many free tools do not pay a lot of attention to customer service. This justifies the reason that they depend on their twitter platform to address the queries that their users have. It is however important to note that you cannot write a comprehension query through a tweet. They however answer all tweets within 12 hours.



Essay typer is one of the most effective tools if all you need is suggestions. If you are seeking for essay writing services online, essay typer will not be the best choice for you.

We draw this conclusion from the fact that the platform does not have mechanisms to deal with plagiarism that stems from borrowing material from online databases. Additionally, always read through all sentences that the tool suggests as in some instances, some of them are not related to your topic.

When you finish your essay, always check it for plagiarism to avoid hefty penalties that comes with it.

Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
Use the following coupon code :
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