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Essay on Global Warming

How to Write an Essay on Global Warming

Have you been assigned as essay on global warming or any related essay topics?

Global warming is a hot topic with a lot of contested theories. And it is difficult to find a theory that quite a lot of experts agree with.

So, if you’re planning to write an essay on global warming, your main focus should be on a certain burning issue that your topic raises. This will be an opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills. If you want to earn a good grade, you need to take your work seriously.

Now, in the context of global warming, you might be required to discuss your essay in three areas: state the problem, evidence that proves that the problem exists and suggest solutions to the problem.

This article will show you how to approach an essay on global warming.

Before you get started to writing your essay, there are a couple of things you may want to do.

Global warming is an extensive topic. It would be hard to formulate a thesis statement or come up with convincing arguments that border on the subject. First, you need to narrow down the topic – This means you will not be discussing climate change as a whole, but a specific topic.

Some of the topics that you might come up with include:

  • How green house effect and global warming are interrelated.
  • Mechanisms of actions for global warming.
  • Investigating whether global warming is a real global challenge or it’s just another far-fetched issue.
  • Causes of global warming, among others.

You can come up with a long list of topics, if you are interested. But make sure you chosen a topic that you can handle effectively.

Study the topic

Then next thing will be to study your topic. Global warming is a topic that has attracted a lot of interest of late. A lot of information is available, which can be confusing at times.

So, once you are decided on the topic you want to study, look for various sources of information that will help you to craft a powerful essay.  It is so easy to wander from topic to topic and spent a lot of time collecting information you might not need at all.

Since an essay on global warming will be on a scientific topic, your arguments will be fact-based. Therefore you will need to:

  • Stick to few verifiable and reliable sources of information. Remember you are writing an essay and not a research paper.
  • Narrow down to the allowable sources. You may realize that some websites and other printed sources may not be reliable enough to pass as good sources.
  • Ask your teacher for clarification about that and shelve those that do not make up to the mark.
  • Write down the information that will serve as your strong arguments – Statistics, figures, facts and statistics – or any other accurate data.
  • Keep in mind the information needed for designing your bibliography.

Create and organize your ideas coherently

Now, you have the picture of the global warming problem.  Now you need to generate the ideas you will you to unwrap the essay.

For you to achieve this, you will need to write a mind map. Come up with original ideas that stem from the scientific data you have collected.  And, formulate a focused thesis statement.

Arrange your ideas the way you want to discuss them. Since you are writing an essay on global warming, you will want to discuss global warming, its causes, consequences and solutions. Then you need to make a list of each section and generate your own ideas based on your findings.

Come up with a strong introduction          

Your professor will conceive a grading ranging of your essay based on how your introductions sound. If you make your essay blunt, boring and devoid of reasoning, you lose the marks.

If your essay sounds interesting, concise and abounding in stinging clarity, then you will earn a good grade.

Okay, how should you write your paragraphs? Begin your essay with an exciting paragraph that will draw your reader into the text. You many begin with a quote from a notable figure that is fighting global warming.

Make use of figures and statistics that stress the seriousness of the essay. Very importantly, do not waffle. Be specific and stick to the core of the matter you are looking to develop in the essay.

Finally, write a thesis statement.  A thesis statement establishes the base of your arguments.  Write a powerful, one sentence thesis statement on a particular issue on global warming. The thesis should be highly debatable and should provoke the reader to make them give a feedback.

Write the body of the text.

In this section, you need to provide evidence of global warming. Expound on them and give a suggestion of global warming examples that you have personally experienced.

Now, to make your arguments stronger, give suggestions on the ways the problems can be handled. Remember to give a special focus on the roles different people will play to curb global warming.

After giving your evidence to support your arguments, provide an explanation for your evidence. Whatever argument you put forward, support it with evidence.

In our essay on global warming, do not restrict yourself to one cause – carbon-dioxide emissions from vehicle exhaust pipes or coal plants, for example.

It is an issue that affects many industries. So you might draw your arguments from any industry, as long as you support them with reliable evidence.

Essay writing is about picking a certain problem and finding a solution. Do not just mention the problems or global warming and leave it there. Suggest solutions that can help reduce its effects.

Write a strong conclusion

Now, you are required to write an essay on global warming. You have researched everything and you have a conclusion that should summarize all what you have discussed on the essay.

In this section, you can also state your thesis statement. You want it to have a greater impact to the readers. That’s why you need to restate it.

If this essay was meant to implore people to take up some action, you can achieve that by writing a clear call to action such as calling upon your readers to plant more trees.

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Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
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