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English Composition

Choose ONE of the following prompts. (On your essay, underneath your heading or underneath the title of your paper, indicate the letter of the prompt you chose.)

A. Judy Brady highlights the expectations placed upon women in earlier decades. Describe the effects of gender expectations in your own life. Have gender roles ever been imposed upon you? By whom? How have they been helpful and/or hurtful? How did you respond to the expectations, and what were the consequences of your response?
B. Consider Nancy Mairs’ exploration of the uses of the word “cripple” and its meanings in different contexts. Is there a word that has a special, complex, or emotion-laden role in your life? Use both a dictionary and your own experiences to define this word’s significance.
C. After reading Staples’ and Cofer’s essays, describe a time when you were categorized or classified. You may write about an unfavorable classification, noting any similarities between your situation and our authors’. Or you may write about a positive designation. Explain the consequences of being classified for you.
D. Gloria Anzaldua writes about how her experiences with language shaped her consciousness and identity as a Chicana, or Mexican-American woman. Reflect upon how you came to your own understanding of your culture, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.
E. Anzaldua categorizes and explains the origin of the different languages (and dialects of those languages) that she speaks. Analyze your own language the same way.
F. Malcolm X and Sherman Alexie describe how creative pursuits such as reading, writing, gardening, singing, quilting, and more, improved their lives. Discuss an activity that has provided you with similar life-sustaining purpose. Describe how you discovered the activity, how you participate in it, and what benefits it affords you.
G. With Malcolm X and Sherman Alexie in mind, describe an incident—good or bad—in your education that made a big impression on you. Discuss the causes and/or effects of this occurrence and how it shaped you as a person.
H. Malcolm X found the success of learning to read in the seeming “failure” of being imprisoned. Discuss a mistake or failure that you have turned into a positive learning experience in your life. Analyze causes and effects of the situation. What did you learn from the experience?
Useful resource: Why I Want a Wife by Judy Brady

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