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Ecumenical Services

Ecumenical Services

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ASSIGNMENT: Create an ecumenical service from opening to closing.

                  Ecumenical services represent a number of different Christian traditions. The specific purpose of ecumenical
services is for the unification of the Christian Church. As a result, your service must represent multiple
Christian religious perspectives.  This is your opportunity to show your understanding of the course materials
as well as how it connected specifically with the three different churches you visited and others that may
have captured your attention.

Order of Service: Be very specific about what you want to occur from the moment people walk into church until the service ends.

Theme: Be creative! If you choose a theme, follow it through with your readings and the music selections.


At a minimum, your service should include:

Scripture readings: at least two, include the text for the Scripture reading



Order of Service                                                                              Theme:


Rite/Ritual Description Resource (poem, song lyrics, sheet music, reading, instruments etc) Representing which Christian tradition?


Additional information

1. Call To Worship

Minister of Music will direct the congregation to stand as she quotes Psalm 118:24. Then she will invite everyone to clap their hands and join in singing This Is The Day as recorded by Fred Hammond[1]. ‘This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24) African American.

Black church services often begin with one person, either the pastor or worship leader encouraging the congregation to stand. These are often dynamic and engaging. It is designed to get everyone involved and to center everyone’s attention on Christ.

Band: drums, piano, Hammond organ, bass, and guitar


Choir in the choir stand


5 praise singers on microphones


praise dancers in the aisles




[1] Fred Hammond, Free To Worship, Verity Records, 2006


[1] Fred Hammond, Free To Worship, Verity Records, 2006

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