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Drunk Driving

Don’t  Practice Drunk Driving in College

Does your school have an anti-drug policy? Then you are lucky because it means you cannot go to school drunk nor have alcohol on the school premises. This however doesn’t mean you are not drinking at your own pleasure away from college. You are an adult now, away from home, and you have a chance to be away from the scrutiny of parents. It is your time to have fun and engage in drunk driving, right?

I agree with you. You are meant to have fun in college. But not at the expense of your safety. At that point it changes from fun to risk. For you having fun means partying, over-speeding while driving and also getting a rush of adrenaline from driving when you are drunk. I know this is your mantra as a young person, “You Only Live Once” or as you would like to call it, ‘YOLO’.

That’s true, you only live once and that’s the most basic reason you should take care of your young life. Forget about your philosophy class and its reincarnation ideas. Even if reincarnation exists, you don’t want to come back on earth a handicap. So think twice next time before you get behind the wheel when tipsy.

Drunk driving common referred to as driving under the Influence (DUI) comes with uncountable dangers. You might have escaped once or twice but this doesn’t mean that these things won’t happen to you.

Possible dangers of drunk driving

Death: Yes, you heard me right. Drunk driving can be fatal. And nothing is sadder than losing a young, promising life. There has been an increase in highway deaths especially during holiday seasons, a big percentage of them being college students and young people. Your parents and the entire world still need you, so don’t disappoint them.

Heavy penalties: With traffic accidents on the rise, traffic police officers are always on the lookout for drunk drivers, and you run the risk of being fined heavily if you come across them. You will be fined for drunk driving, or worse, if you have caused a fatal accident. A case that involves policemen is no good.

Poor decision making: Alcohol clouds your judgment, and it’s even worse when you are on the road where your full attention is needed. You will not be able to avoid oncoming speeding cars, swerve on time when overtaking, and you may be unable to clearly read traffic warnings.

Revocation of your driving license: If you are found guilty of drunk driving, in some instances your driver’s license could be revoked. You surely don’t want to restart driving school from scratch, or do you?

It is important to note that an offense, trivial as it may seem, of having an open can of alcohol in your vehicle is enough to put you under arrest. It’s best not to risk taking alcohol in your car.

And if you can avoid alcohol altogether, the better for you and for your health. Furthermore, as a young person, there are numerous things you can do rather than drink.

There are a few measures that you can take to ensure you don’t drink and drive:


How to not drive when drunk


  • If you are out and everybody is drinking, ask someone who is not attending the event to assist with driving you back to your residence.
  • Be mentally prepared before going out that you shouldn’t participate in drunk driving. This way you will avoid any temptation to drive when tipsy
  • Ask the host or even the manager of your club to take away your car keys so that you don’t have an option of driving yourself home.
  • Use a cab or ask a driver to drive you home. With the advent of mobile taxi apps, you really don’t have an excuse for not having access to one. A cab is now only a phone call away.
  • If possible, ask your host or hotelier to have sleeping arrangements prepared for you just in case you are unable to leave as you may not find a driver or a cab at certain times.


Here are key reasons you will choose to drink and drive. Being aware of them will make you restrain yourself.

Top most reasons for drinking and driving

  • Peer pressure: It doesn’t end in high school. Time and again, you will find yourself in such a position. You will go ahead to prove yourself before your college mates, and show off how cool you are.
  • Stress: Driving is a good way to let go off some steam. And you might just find yourself speeding down the highway to forget the issues in your life.
  • To feel good: Everyone loves the rush of adrenaline that comes with doing something enjoyable. Sometimes alcohol alone doesn’t give you satisfaction and for an injection of dopamine, you take to dangerous driving.
  • And the biggest factor, to show how much of a social animal you are.

Keep in mind that all these, enticing as they may be, are at your own peril. The most likely places to find yourself in the temptation of drunk drinking are holiday gatherings, restaurant parties, work, meet-ups, cookouts and picnics. So, during any of these occasions, be wary of getting drunk and sitting behind the stirring wheel.

Sometimes you convince yourself that some activities after drinking will help you quickly sober up. This is a falsehood. Once a drop of alcohol enters your system, only time will make you sober up; not any amount of coffee, water, a cold shower or exercise. So keep your cool, find some rest and make sure you have almost to zero percent alcohol in your system before you go back to the steering wheel.

I guess you can always make better use of the money you use for buying alcohol. Could you invest in shares maybe, which will in future give you greater benefits? Just my thoughts, but if you have to drink, don’t drive!

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Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
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