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Drama Research Response

Drama Research Response – Essay 2


(30% of final grade)

Your response to Antigone, a play, will be similar in format to the poetry analysis you have written in this semester.

Remember although your analysis is somewhat subjective (your personal understanding of the play),the analysis must also be objective (clear from the language) to the reasonable reader. An interpretation that is not based on the script, but is based on a purely personal experience will not be persuasive because your audience cannot consider the play solely through your personal experiences. However as you defend your claim, you will aim to persuade your audience that your interpretation of the play, supported by your secondary sources, is a reasonable view and worth considering.

The following are specific requirements.

Assignment:                 Researching and writing a 2,000 words minimum research/response argumentative essay about Antigone. Use MLA formatting, i.e., double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. (not counting Works Cited page)

Subject:                        You will need a focused on an issue regarding Antigone .Avoid plot summary. ). Your claim will evolve from your close reading of the play and your understanding of your secondary sources. Use the three sample papers from Chapter 6 as guidance. You may choose (1) to write a paper that uses Antigone to examine social issues; (2) a paper that deals with existing critical interpretations of Antigone (3) or a paper that places Antigone in historical and cultural context.

Remember to analyze not summarize. A good analysis concentrates on details. When you do choose to quote the play to show how the script supports your claim or paraphrase your secondary source, you must explain your use of the source. You should offer comments and analysis that show how the portion you’re interpreting contributes to the work as a whole. As a general rule, “say more about less”: limit your focus to a small enough topic so that you can cover it in detail in this research/response paper as you work on your drafts. The narrower your topic, the better your chances of going into an in depth response. (Choosing a wide or general theme is not a good idea, because it forces you to state the obvious.) The narrower your topic, the better your chances of going into an in depth response


Purpose:                             Keep in mind that your main purpose is enunciate, explain and support your claim about the text—your answer to some question you raise about the work. Your claim about your interpretation of the play is will not necessarily be a position that everyone will immediately accept as an obvious truth.

Audience:                           Your academic colleagues—a supportive community of writers. When writing, you should focus on your audience and purpose and should use diction, vocabulary and grammatical structure suitable for your college educated audience. What quality and type of evidence does this audience demand?

Organization:                 Your paper must have a clear claim stated early, evidence and reasoning to support it throughout the body of the essay, and analysis of the significance of this reading to an understanding of the play. You will be identifying an issue and making one main claim about it, which is your thesis. As you defend your claim, you will make a number of smaller claims.

Research &

Documentation              This is a research paper and must include a Works Cited page. Your primary source, the play itself, is one source and you must also use three secondary sources. You will have four entries on your Works Cited page. Use the script of the play in your textbook.The MLA citation format will be a single work from an anthology. Evidence must include quotes and paraphrasing from the play with page numbers noted in MLA style and supporting evidence through quotes or paraphrases from your three secondary scholarly sources Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. Avoid the general internet and “study sites.” All your secondary sources should be found through the HCC Library resources.


Due Date:                         See Syllabus


Crieria:                                Evaluation criteria for all work is posted on the Learning Web in the course requirements . For a quick reminder note:


  • Quality of content
  • Strong thesis statement with an essay that explores the thesis in its entirety
  • MLA formatting
  • Quotes from your primary text and your secondary scholarly source
  • Grammar and mechanics [Grading ceases at the third sentence level error]
  • Also Prof. Chavan’s rubrics is posted under the assignment as a genral guideline.
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