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Don’t Blame the Eater Essay

Don’t Blame the Eater/ Essay on Obesity in America

David Zinczenko, in his Essay, “Don’t Blame the Eater” starts by wondering if people should practice personal responsibilities in their eating behaviors. His essay is a reaction to children who sued fast food outlets for making them obese. However, he expresses his sympathies to the obese teens. You can view the original essay here.

Zinczenko says that he hailed from a broken family. His dad was struggling with reconstructing his life. On the other hand, his mother was working for long to make ends meet. The separation left him without a caregiver. This forced him to eat at fast food outlets. He cites affordability as the reason for eating lunch and supper there.

He posits that by the age of 15, he was already obese weighing 212 pounds with a height of 5 feet ten inches. He attributes his recovery to joining college, absorption in Navy Reserves and participating in a health magazine. However, he seems sure that many teens would not recover but instead live with obesity permanently.

He observed that before 1994, only 5% of obesity cases were genetic disorder-related, or caused by type 2 diabetes. Quoting  the National Institutes of Health statistics, Zinczenko observed that, in the US, at least 30% of all new child-obesity cases emanated from type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, he noted that according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the annual cost of diabetes treatment was $2.6 billion in 1969.  Today, it has now gone up to $100 billion.

He opined that teenagers have a role to play by finding alternatives. He also observed the presence of many fast food stores on all streets. He noted that, on the same streets, it is hard to find alternative choices. In short, access to fast foods is higher than the alternatives. Lack of alternatives force people to have bad eating habits.

The essay, “Don’t Blame the Eater”, assesses the fact that many fast food packaging lack the calorie content charts. Additionally, the advertisements lack health warning like in tobacco. The author notes that the information is only provided on request. Food and Drug Administration labeling laws do not cover ready foods.

Zinczenko noted that no one is immune to the negative effects of fast foods. It is opinion that no one should make fun of the victim; teens. Additionally, just like in the tobacco industry, fast food outlets’ advertisement costs equal the expenses incurred in managing side effects. The government does not benefit from the fast food industry.

He concluded by noting that the companies’ advertisements target children without warning them. He foresaw a future where there will be more obese children and helpless parents. The only option is the teens proactively protecting themselves as there is evidence that such foods are hazardous. He thinks that people should be informed about the content of the fast foods. People would then make informed product choices.

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