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Do Foetus Feel Pain?


  1. Do you think Dr. Lui, Dr. Ingrid Shop, and Dr. Bonnenmake a compelling argument regarding the fetus felling pain in the early stages of development? Why or Why not? Be specific.


  1. Suppose you had read the information presented by the above physiciansinstead of listening to the information with the backdrop of the fetus and other activities. Would your reaction have been the same?
  2. What is the Gemarticle?
  3. How does Dr. Lui characterize the Gemarticle?
  4. The advocate for abortion argue that pain is multifaceted, so signals can be processed but the emotional content or component of pain is absent, and therefore the fetus cannot process pain. How does Dr. Bonnen respond to the argument of being multifaceted? Do you agree or not agree? Bespecific.

Give several reasons as to why Senator Watson is against HB2?

How does Senator Patrick reply to Senator Watson (2 -3 statement specific rebuttal statements) and what reasons does Senator Dan Patrick give for his support ofHB2?

  1. What happened during the reading and what did you hear in the background?


  1. What happened on 7/15/2013 at 2:16pm?
  2. When did the House and Senate sign?
  3. When was it sent and signed by the Governor?

  1. We have already discussed the reasons the Governor wanted this legislation. Who were the three additional speakers at this signing? (Hint: Usually the leaders are the respective bill sponsors and people in leadership positions in the House and Senate).


  1. During the speech, who do you think was making noise in the background?


Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
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