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Designing business processes

Assessment Title: Report
Details of task:
This is an individual assignment. This assignment is partially completed in class.
Students are required to prepare “ Change Management at Mobil Oil Australia by Ian Martin, Yen Cheung” readings for discussion in their study. Students should prepare and present an analysis of one of the set readings. The analysis is in two parts:
Assignment 1.1 – Preparation + 3 reference
Students should prepare a short (600 word) summary of the reading for distribution in class the reading is discussed. The summary should include a synopsis of the main points, some discussion points arising from the reading and a list of any useful supplementary readings that the student has found.
Make 5 questions about the reading for discussion in class and use this question to answer in the report Assignment 1.2.
Assignment 1.2 – Written Report(no need reference here)
Students should also submit a (1200 word) written report of the reading. In this report the student should provide an analysis of the key issues arising from the reading and/or class discussion. This should then lead to an evaluation of the reading.
Students are not expected to provide an extensive literature review for this assignment rather they should prepare the class reading thoroughly and give a detailed analysis of it. It is important to note that students should not repeat the synopsis of the case in the analysis. The second part of the assignment is for the analysis and discussion of issues only.

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