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Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Applications Presentation

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Applications Presentation

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Grading Criteria: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Application

REVISED Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Application Presentation

LSAS Scores Data Set for Statistics Application Presentation

Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scal


Complete the University of Phoenix Material: REVISED Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Applications Presentation.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


Please ensure you review the REVISED instructions for this assignment. You will find that I have chosen the primary inferential statistical test to be used in this assignment–the one-way ANOVA. Depending on your results of the one-way ANOVA, you may need to do additional analysis, known as the post-hoc analysis.


You will need to use the LSAS Scores Data Set to complete this assignment. The data was collected at a large mental health and counseling center wanting to create a specialized program for clients with social anxiety. You will note that there are three groups of data, each representing a different type of therapy provided. The numbers represent clients’ scores on the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS), a widely used tool known for its validity and reliability. A copy of the LSAS is available for your review. The test scores in the data set were gathered after 10 sessions in the respective therapy modality listed in the Excel file. The LSAS scoring scale is as follows, and has a maximum score of 144:

55-65 Moderate social phobia

65-80 Marked social phobia

80-95 Severe social phobia

Greater than 95 – Very severe social phobia


Your goal will be to determine if there is a statistically significant difference in the therapy groups’ LSAS scores. If there is a significant difference in the groups, you will then need to do additional tests to determine if significant differences exist between one group and another. If significant differences exist, in your conclusion, you will need to recommend which type of therapy should be used in the center’s new social anxiety program.


To succeed in this assignment, ALL team members must watch the following videos, as they will walk you through setting up Excel to do statistical analysis, how to run an ANOVA test in Excel, how to do the post-hoc analysis if needed, and how to obtain descriptive statistics in Excel. These videos will also help you make sense of the results and help you focus on what statistical factors to include in your presentation and to discuss in your speaker notes. Depending on your comfort level with Excel, you may need to watch these videos more than once. I would encourage you to watch the videos in the following order, as the first video will help you set up Excel to do statistical analysis:


  1. ANOVA Excel 2010:

(As you watch this video, the speaker changes the Average/Arithmetic Means and the Standard Deviations to a percentage. Remember that his data was the final grades of his semester classes, which were reported as a percentage. This is why he made that change. In your data set, the test score is just a number is not a percentage, so you should not make this change when you complete your analysis.)


  1. Excel – One-Way ANOVA Analysis Toolpack:


  1. Performing a One-way ANOVA in Excel with post-hoc corrected t-tests:


  1. Descriptive Stats in Excel 2010:


Please note that the first video uses an alpha of “0.2”. For this class, and in most research settings, an alpha of “0.05” should be used. This will reduce the likelihood that the results occurred by chance.


For your PowerPoint Presentation, you will need to include detailed speaker notes for each slide. Remember to not overload your slides with text. Use your slides to share key points, your data results, and any graphs and charts you think would be helpful. Use your speaker notes to expand on and discuss your key points and to explain the importance and significance of any data, charts, and graphs included.


If you have any questions about the revised expectations, or about the use of Excel after you have viewed the above videos, please feel free to contact me.

. (CARMALITA BERNARD) Portion to  be completed

  • Inferential Statistics

o             Define statistical inference and include and explain the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test, focusing on the one-way ANOVA. (CARMALITA BERNARD)

o             Explain how inferential statistical analysis increases understanding of the data. (CARMALITA BERNARD)


o             Conduct using Microsoft® Excel® functions the one-way ANOVA using your data and summarize and interpret the results

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