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Data Presentation

Task 1: data presentation.  The purpose of this task is to ensure that you have been introduced to methods of presenting numerical data graphically, methods that you will need for the experiments in this course.


I recorded the heights the students in a recently taught section of this course.  Then I divided the heights into two groups using two different methods.  In method A I just randomly assigned their heights to the two groups; in method B, I separated the heights according to whether the student was sitting in the front half of the room or the back half of the room.  The heights in the two groups using either method A or method B is shown below after transforming feet and inches to the metric system:

Group I Group II
(cm) (cm)
177.80 182.88
182.88 172.72
157.48 157.48
172.72 162.56
170.18 165.10
170.18 160.02
165.10 157.48
167.64 167.64
180.34 154.94
177.80 157.48

The task is to plot these data in an Excel chart; for the sake of plotting, treat groups as the independent variable and heights as the dependent variable.  Uploadyour plotson Canvas.  This will be graded on esthetics, clarity, and accuracy;the grade will constitute 5% your grade for the course.


Task 2: t-test.  The purpose of this task is to ensure that graduates majoring in psychology can at least perform a basic statistical test.  For one of these methods, A or B, the null hypothesis is definitely true; for the other method, the null hypothesis might or might not be true.  Your task is to perform a t-test on the data above to determinewhich method, A or B, was more likely used to separate the heights. (1) which method definitely makes the null hypothesis true; (2) the probability of getting the resultsabove if the null hypothesis is true; (3) which method was more likely to have been used; and (4) what this tells us about the effect of students’ heights on their seating preferences.  This is a pass/fail assignment: You must pass this in order to pass the course.


Task 3: PepsiCoke discrimination.  The purpose of the third task is to give you experience in carrying out, interpreting, and reporting an experiment; and to prepare you for your independent project.  It also introduces you to certain problems in experimental design that you are likely to encounter in your own independent project.  This part of your assignment for this week is described in the attached file, entitled, “PepsiCoke discrimination.”  This week you are assigned to perform this experiment; next week you are assigned to write and submit a report of the experiment; the report is due at 11:59on July11. I shall tell you more about writing your report next week.

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