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Critical Thinking

40 Critical thinking paper topics that Will Make you Improve your Grades

Improve your Write my Critical Thinking paper skills by using the following tips…

An appealing but close friend starts hitting on you emphatically. He/she removes his/her clothes and starts to kiss you. What do you do? Why? Would you think of it as a misstep if anything happens?


Change is unavoidable. We change as we age. All in all, what things do you want to change about yourself in the coming decade?

See the above video on how to do a critical thinking paper.


Consider that you work for secret service office, and you are attempting to “profile” terrorists.


As a boss/administrator, would you employ a man you like (who may do less work) or contract a man you despise (who may accomplish more work)? Explain your thinking.


Do you believe in life after death? Why? What support/evidence do you have?


You are strolling down a road alone around evening time, and a man stops and says, “Give me your cash, or I shoot” (they really have a gun anyway). What do you do amid the happening? Why? Shouldn’t something be said about after the occurrence?


How do you approach a person you like and ask them out for a date without annoying them?


How do you manage a domineering person?


How do you part ways with a man who you don’t like anymore?


How do you manage a mean boss?


How do you inspire somebody to work harder than they do? What may you do in a supervisory part?


What does the expression “Living simply” mean to you?


How does one become rich? How does a man become poor? Is it by choice or nature?


How would it be a good idea for America to treat destitute people? Shouldn’t something be done about poverty?


How would it be advisable for us to help the ever-increasing numbers of individuals without health insurance?


If a colleague wrongly blames you for sexual harassment, what would you do?


If a man does not find you appealing or good to be relating with, should that annoy you? Why or why not?


If a relative of yours is kidnapped, what action would you take to save them (to guarantee their safe release)?


If a tornado, fire, flooding or any other calamity hit your home, what should you do? Explain your thinking.


If a close work mate of yours succumb to a disaster  (and had no cash or insurance for treatment), would you raise cash for them? If yes, how?


Accidents involving vehicles lead to death and morbidity. How would we change the situation?


You are lost in deep forest areas (around 20 miles) from any houses. All you have at hand is a bottle of water and 2 power bars. What would you do?


If we are to do away with the cash payment system or cash as a mode of payment, what sorts of things would we need to consider?


If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for a while, you would understanding their feelings.


If you became poor instantly with no relatives around to bail you out, what would you do? Why?


If you were stranded on an island in the South Pacific (with no cellphone), how would you survive? (There are some wild fruits)


How would you to manage a stiff-necked kid? What about an deviant grown-up?


If you were the only survivor in a helicopter crash in a forest, what would you do? (No radio, telephone is lost, you expect no less than 2 days before rescue, no fire erupted due the effect of the crash) How would you survive?


Is the freedom of press something worth cerebration?  Why or why not? What about the freedom of privacy?


There are two sorts of living conditions: Urban (city living) and Rural (non-city living). Which would you choose? Why?


Many students experience stress in school. How would you adapt to it? Would you be able to accomplish more? What solutions do you have?


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “tit for tat makes the entire world blind.” What does this mean to you? In what situations of life should the principle apply?


Name one person you trust. What qualities/attributes make that person worth your trust?


Name one thing which annoys you. Why? How furious does it make you? How can you change your feelings about it?


Plan a business (either an item or service). What will you start, and what will you do to keep your business going?


Put on the shoes of a suicide bomber or terrorist (local or international). Discuss why you might have so much hatred for your country to the extent of punishing them. Why?


Should fire arms and artillery  be in the hands or normal citizens. Would it be advisable for them to be exclusively in the hands of the police and the military? Why or why not?


Tomorrow, there will be a serious winter storm (i.e., a snowstorm) thought to last more than two weeks. How would you plan for the storm?


What is more imperative, Love or Money? Should one be used to get the other?


Are governments doing their best to conserve the environment? Support your answer.


What Kinds of technological innovations do you believe will be made in future? Explain your answer.


Would you think of eating domestic pets in the event of acute starvation? Why or why not?


Would you murder or kill an innocent person if that assures you of living forever? Why or why not? Clarify.


Would you accept pay higher taxes to give everybody a home, food, clothes, and health insurance/dental care? Why or why not?


You are an emergency/accident casualty room doctor. You need to make a fast decision: Save the life of a pregnant mother (who is unconscious) OR save the life of her unborn child. Who would you spare? Also, why?


Do breast-feeding mothers trouble you? Should such things be permitted in public? Why or why not? If not, what do you propose to be done to accommodate them?


You are being considered for a promotion at work. A fellow worker blames you for harassing them to stem down for you. Their aim is to dent your chances. What would you do?


You are riding on a boat or a train while on a journey. All of a sudden, you notice that your jeans are torn, and in the event that you rise you will expose yourself to the other occupants in the vessels. What do you do? Why?


You have discovered mysterious information that the world is going to end tomorrow. What would you do with the last day of your life?


Your teacher instructs you to lecture/instruct the class for the rest of the semester. What would you do? How would you generate the teaching manuals?


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