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Contracts and Proposals’ Writing

Contracts and Proposals’ Writing

Proposal (or bid)

How do you “sell” yourself, your company and your ideas to your client?



  1. Cover page should have your company logo and name on the 1st


  1. Introduction letter. (2nd page)
  • Place your company logo at the top of the page
  • Create an introduction letter stating who you are and what you do?
  • Format the business letter the correct way – Do some research -go to “” – select “templates” go to the bottom to “browse templates” and select “letters”. Choose a letter that best suits your company.
  • If you do not use Microsoft, then do a Google search on; “formatting a formal business letter”
  • Be brief and to the point.
  • Sign the bottom of the letter as the CEO of your company.


  1. History of your company (pages 3-5)
  • Put title at top of page – “History of Company” or “Company History”.
  • Compose a very brief history of your company and the work you have done in the past to show your client. (You can make up a company history – within reason).
  • Show 3 or 4 pictures of windows; label them “Past Windows” as a title. You can download pictures and use them as your own. Label the pictures (3 – 4 pictures will do).,,
  1. Creative ideas (page 5-7)
  • Describe your ideas to your client in a paragraph or 2.
  • Mention the name of the theme (it is based on your present window theme).
  • Use 1 of the 2 window ideas from your homework. Put title at top of page – “Creative ideas” and write it in a paragraph or 2.
  • Show and label inspiration pictures with a title at the top of the page– “Inspiration pictures”





Step 1: Homework


Compose a rough draft of your Proposal (bid).


(About 7 pages or more)


  1. Create your cover page.
  2. Compose your business formatted introduction letter.
  3. Create a company history.
  4. Include and label pictures of past work.
  5. Explain your idea for the client’s window, making sure you mention your present window theme in the description.


  1. Include and label inspiration pictures.


Rough draft should be typed and in folder covering all of the above

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