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Contemporary Financial and Integrated Reporting – Accounting for Healthscope Limited

Draft a report incorporating the following points in relation to your selected company (not exceeding 3,000 words).

Company- Introduction, Business & operating activities, Finances and Financial performance
• Describe key elements of Financial Performance reported by the company in the annual report.
• Has this company reported any event that occurred after the reporting date? Describe the event.
• Were there any changes in accounting policies disclosed in the annual report? If yes, describe those changes.

Assets – PPE and Intangibles

• Are any items of Property, Plant, and Equipment, and/or Intangible Assets of your company impaired? If so, identify which assets are impaired, and the amount of accumulated impairment losses.

Leases and Voluntary Disclosures

• What are the values of the leased assets and liabilities? What information is disclosed in the notes to the accounts in relation to leased assets and liabilities?
• Identify any two voluntary disclosures made by the company in its annual report. Explain their relevance to company’s business (if any).
• Who is the auditor of your company? Explain whether the Audit Report of your company is a qualified report or unqualified

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