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Computer Ethics but a narrower topic needs to be chosen which I don”t mind you doing. All of the requirements are written below with the template that needs to be filled in.


This assignment gives the opportunity to explore a particular aspect of the subjects covered in this module.
Conduct a literature search within the existing body of knowledge relating to the chosen topic and identify 5 journal papers or conference proceeding papers relating to this topic. The choosing of the topic and the searching for papers will be an iterative process and will take some time to complete.

All 5 papers should be on the same topic.

Journal papers or conference proceeding papers must be from reputable academic publications and demonstrate academic rigor by, for example, containing references to other papers.

A template is provided to complete this assessment.

Each paper must be reviewed in 250 words. The focus should be on explaining the main messages of the paper and providing a critique of the paper. Higher marks will be awarded where students cross-refer between the five reviews

Harvard referencing must be used to identify the papers selected.

URLs should NOT be included and if the paper chosen is not able to be referenced correctly without using a URL, a different paper should be selected.

Use the Harvard guide to help you to correctly reference (available on blackboard). Advice is also available from the library, including through their ‘pop-up library’ at FOTAC, every Wednesday 12.00-1.00

Google Scholar contains a wide range of full text papers (and more if you use a University-supplied computer than if you search at home, because University computers know what the library subscribes to). Also look at the information provided by the Library: You can get access to more papers using the facilities the Library provide than searching on Google Scholar.

The Communications of the ACM is also a good journal to start with as it contains a wide range of papers covering all aspects of the module. It is readily available in the library and electronically. Also the IEEE publications are all available electronically through the DMU subscription provided by the library service. Both ACM and IEEE publish reputable conference proceedings.

Important note:

This coursework also includes a must pass viva/presentation that you may be required to attend. The aim of the viva/presentation is to give you the chance to demonstrate that the submitted work is your own and to give you the opportunity to defend the conclusions of that work. Failure to meet these aims in the viva may result in you failing the viva and the coursework overall.

hi, the feedback sheet that i”ve attached is for official use only but i”m sending it to you so you know how each paper will be marked.
Also, if you struggle to find a narrow enough topic i”ll ask the tutor to help me with one and get back to you.
I”ve sent all files to your email. Please check there.

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