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Communication… Audience Analysis

Goals: To learn what readers already know so that you can shape your proposal to better meet their needs and interests.
To complete this activity, you will first select a proposal to put forward:
ï‚· Increase the number of Academic Support Sessions
ï‚· Diversify the selections at Benchmark
ï‚· To establish an off campus store for the teaching winery and brewery.
You will need to research the current state of affairs for the specific area you have chosen.
Next you must create a series of interview or survey questions (minimum of five). These questions should probe the survey takers’ understanding of the current situation as well as any stake they may have in your proposal.
Then, you will use these questions to survey approximately 5 college students in order to find out what the probable readers of your proposal already know, as well as what they have to lose or gain from the possible outcome. You will use the results from your interview or survey to help you plan your research and writing.
Finally, write up a summary, presented in a memo format, of your findings to refer to throughout your research and writing about this issue, focusing on the following:
ï‚· Describe students’ knowledge of your proposal. What did they know? What did they not know?
ï‚· Summarize their attitudes toward your proposal.
ï‚· Describe the complexity with which students viewed your proposal. Did they recognize the range of possibilities/opportunities? Did they simplify the issue as a pro/con debate?
ï‚· Based on what your audience thinks about your proposal, what will you need to do to show them that it is a complex idea and that it goes beyond a simple yes or no answer?
Your submission should be one (1) full page in length.

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