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College Time Off

The Most Understandable Reasons why you Should Take Some College Time Off

Students take college time off either before joining college or in between their college years. In the two cases, the reasons for taking a break are to fresh and re-energize yourself.

Why are college students taking time off?


  1. Finances

College tuition is expensive and you need to rely on loans in most cases to meet all your expenses. Apart from tuition fee, you need money for food and other expenses here and there. If the only way you have for accessing money is through loans, it can be burdensome. By the time you clear your college education, at times you accrue a lot of loans.


The high college student loans are not good as you need to start paying them back immediately after college. It can become extremely difficult for you especially if you do not land a good paying job.


For this reason, you might decide to take college time off to concentrate on looking for finances. Since you will be available to work all day, then you have a good chance of getting more money. After a short period of time you can resume your college studies with a lighter financial burden.


  1. Experience

When choosing a course to major in, you need to be sure it is something that you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life. After starting on the class work, your passion for the course can go down. What do you do? Do you drop out or change the course? No.

The best thing to do is to take college time off and get some hands on experience on the course. You can volunteer to work in the area of your course. It might help bring the interest back or help you to decide if that is the course you really want to study.

The college time off can also be a source of valuable work experience. After graduation, you will be at an advantage because of the experience gained.


  1. For clarity

When you are not sure about your reasons for being in college, take a break. College life takes up a lot of valuable time. It is expensive so you better be convinced you want to be in college before spending too much time and money on something you are unsure about.

The decision for taking college time off should not be taken lightly. It not only affects you but also other people. Explore all the available options before deciding to take time off.


  1. Maturity

College life requires you to be alert, responsible and always on your toes when it comes to decision-making. The workload is more compared to high school. Being ready for college is important for you to be able to cope with college life.

You need to be ready emotionally, mentally and academically. You can decide to take college time off if you feel like you are struggling too much. The college time off will help to prepare you to face college life. Before joining college, it is alright if you feel like you need some time to be ready for college.

Most college student suffers from mental illnesses which are mostly attributed to lack of preparedness before joining college. The illnesses can be avoided by taking time off.


  1. Health

Your health is important for you to perform well academically. Your health or the health of your loved ones can hinder you from concentrating on your studies. It may lead to financial, emotional and psychological strains.

Instead of struggling to balance between academics and health issues, a college time off is a good idea.


What to Consider Before Taking College Time Off

  1. Make sure that you have looked at the available options before taking a time off. Your reason for taking a time off should help you decide if there are other options available.
  2. Seek advice from loved ones and family members on your decision. Listen to their opinions before making the decision. Be very open as to why you need the time off.
  3. You should not stop attending classes. Continue as there are still chances that you can change your mind and continue with your studies. Forfeiting classes can have a result to a negative effect on your grade if you do not perform well.
  4. Some federal grants and scholarship funds get affected when you take a time off. In some other cases, the loan repayments are deferred by a maximum time of like six months.

Still, some colleges penalize you when you drop a course before or after a particular time. Confirm all the implications a college time out will have on your finances. If it is something you can handle, then continue with the time off…

  1. Your college needs to be aware of your decision. Otherwise you will find accrued bills and bad grades due to missed tests and assignments. Take time to inform the necessary service providers of your absence in school. In most cases, you are required to sign exit forms.
  2. Before taking a time off, decide what you will do during that time. Will you go for a holiday? Look for work? What will you do? Time is money so make sure you involve yourself with productive activities.
  3. Have a definite return date. If you plan on transferring to another school, get all the information required. The admission date, and any financial aid and academic deadlines.
  4. You definitely do not want to take another break before completing your studies so fix the reason for taking a break. Get all the help you need so that when you return to college, you might be ready for it.

The break is god especially when there is a good reason. It is not compulsory or everyone to have one since everyone has different needs.

The break is at times portrayed as a time for relaxation, traveling and fun. It is not the same for everyone. It is therefore important to understand why you need the break and what you will do during the break.

A college break is meant to be helpful to you so do not waste it on less meaningful things. It is not a strategy to drop out of school. It is a way to re-energize for studies

Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100
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